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By Michele - 16 Apr 2013

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Hoffman  and All-Creatures,

Thank you for heightening awareness of the need for Life respect for other Earthlings in our lives, governments, and with the fellowships of faith.

Prayer work in secret to end the holocausts, and allowance of testing on animals will work . [A thought in some extant texts of the Lord's Prayer was lead us not into testing , where the word temptation is used, as the Lord Christ knew we would need help.]

Also, perfect scriptural quality letters sent to various levels of different faith organizations and politicals would have a good impact.  Honestly, society has a sickness and is in varied prisons of sick thought.  Visiting with letters would be following the Christ command to visit and heal others.

Openly, We can ask others to have prayers in secret, and to ask the faith groups to have remembrance of these issues in their prayers, and policy boards, and become educated and Living Holy Spirit infused to end the abhorrent maltreatments,  holocaust and begin the work on Earth to truly transform many lives, and become harmless as doves in mind, heart and body.

I would be interested in knowing  of any particular groups to write. Also, I would be interested in seeing what Faith Organizations and Which Political Persons are working to have Animal Rights, and a Vegan Diet policy.  We could also ask often in letters that others embrace these Christ resecting and morally life responsible  ways.

People often have a hard ship of busy schedules, and many are not aware of the seriousness of the need to end the exploitations and slaughters, and change their own life, so that they too may be seen to be Harmless as Doves and follow Christ with more Love being lived in understanding and wisdom.

In humble gratitude to Christ Jesus for each one  awakened  to become vegan and help All Creature have more on Earth as it is in Heaven,