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By Christine - 4 Apr 2013

Dear Father Frank Mann:
I just saw your video about your journey to compassion for animals.  It brought tears to my eyes.  I want to thank you for standing up and speaking out for animals.
Just a few days ago, I said to a friend that I am disappointed that the Church is not doing anything in regards to animal protection.  Lots of Christians who go to church and listen to a sermon hear the same stories, the same preaching again and again, every time and every year.  However, never have I heard of a priest who preached about compassion for animals!   Priests can reach so many thousands of people!  Lots of church-goers will listen to that what their Father tells them during the sermon.  This means that churches actually have a lot of influence and can shift the general consciousness towards more respect and compassion for all animals. 
If I lived in NY, I would love to go to your church.  Please keep on talking about respect and compassion for animals in your church!  What a wonderful way to reach many people! 
Thank you so very much, Father Mann!  Your video has improved my personal perception of Church a lot.  Thank you. 
Anchorage, Alaska

all-creatures forwarded this letter on to Fr. Frank Mann.