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By Karolin - 25 Mar 2013

Hello Frank and Mary,
Well, it surely woke me up :)
Do you mean I have to forgive their sins and cry for them?  I wish I could. I am trying but moments of anger enter in my mind over and over.
Deep inside I hate them and I want know what.
Today another petition with regard to a fashion designer who sold "fake fur" but it really was dog fur from China. The title said "skinned alive". Attached yet another undercover movie. I want to rip their skin off, so they see how much it hurts. They have no regard for those poor dogs screaming and rolling their eyes in pain, you can hear them laughing in the background. 
Is it at least allowed to hate them?
I feel like I am betraying the animals if I forgive those people. If that makes any sense.

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