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By Karolin - 24 Mar 2013

Good morning Frank and Mary,
Well, I am glad that he is because somehow, on purpose he lead me to you. It is very clear to me that without your support, I would not be where I am am today with regard to my beliefs and my diet. It was that last push that I needed to be serious about it. And today I believe that I have the strengths to never go back again!
On another note. Yesterday I got an e-mail from Peta requesting to sign a petition for the monkeys. So I opened the page to do so and all of a sudden a movie opens (I hate that). It showed a monkey and two people who were forcing a tube through his nose. The monkey was screaming in pain but the people just continued on with music playing in the background. I try not to look at those images anymore because they don't leave me for days. I become so hateful towards those abusers that I want to......(you know what!).  God says that we should love each living being, but it is hard to love those who inflict such suffering on animals.
My question is, is it okay to have those feelings of "I want to inflict pain on you, so you can see first hand what you do to others?"   Btw. in my mind I say it in a much more aggressive way with words I probably should not use :)

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