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By Kim - 17 Mar 2013

Dear Frank,

I'm exhausted right now, because I feel human are so wrong in the way they mistreat animals badly.  I'm willing to do anything I can for the animals, and I've been doing that almost all my life.  
Through what I've done, I've received not much support from people around me, for they said that I care about animals while I don't really care for those living around me.  For example, I usually tell them about how bad we treat animals, and I told them not to buy this product or not to eat meat, etc...   Although I talked to them nicely but I think I aggravated them for repeat it again and again.
I tried not to talk with them about it, but I feel morally and humanely obligated to spread the words around.  On the other side, I know I should not say it because they don't want to hear it.  They say they don't jump into my life so do not jump into their life.  And plus, they say animals are animals.  And the most crucial reason is they are addicted to animals products.
I know I'm not perfect in treating people, but I'm not that bad either.
I feel obligated in defend for animals more than for human because animals can't speak for themselves at all.  My energy, strength, finance.... are limit.  If human don't abuse animals then I have more time and everything to do for human.  If humans are abusing same way they are doing it to animals, I'd have the same feeling and try to help human too.
Why human complaints about me caring more for animals but they don't look at what they put onto animals. 
I feel so sad that they don't have feeling for animals.  Animals can feel pain as we do.  Animals are intelligent too.  I have experiences with animals so I know that.
I can't understand how Catholic clergy is willing to support exploiting animals.
I feel lonely in this world.