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By Kim 21 Feb 2013

Dear Frank,

I recall once I asked the priest if he could accept animals as living beings.  He said NO. 
How can we deny the facts that animals are living beings.  Do you know?
One time I asked him if he really thinks there's humane slaughter, he said YES.

I asked if he knows how animal entire life is from the farm to his plate.  He said NO

I told him to go find out the truth before he says that there's humane slaughter.  He said that he doesn't need to do that.
One time I said that we should work together to soothe those who have pain around us.  He said NO, he does not want to work with me because I deny the church's teaching and I want to treat animals as humans.

He always jumps into my mouth and says things for me.  I think he thought that I wanted to attack him.  Oh, he said that I accused him for being rude, unprofessional, callous, and he doesn't need me to jugde his profession, etc....
I don't know how he can do his job as an educator or preacher jobs with his temper.
Do you think that I'm not the first person who questions him on this issue.  That's why he got irritated easily.