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By Col Sky - 19 Feb 2013

Dear Frank,

I must say this is the most honest answer I have received from a practicing Christian, a refreshing answer. Thanks. In fact it seems our beliefs are fully compatible.

For my belief is we are created as all five fingered creatures are, to be fruitarian/herbivores... to be family oriented, peaceful creatures.

Though i do believe that some creatures are created carnivore, this may be creations' balancing of forces... some questions are unanswerable... and we should not attempt to try.

Thankfully, in my case, the creators' mind given me, works wonderfully working the divine and sacred out, by just the observation of the surrounding miracle about us.

I do not believe god would give us permission to eat meat, having created us with plant eating internal organs like the horse, the deer, elephant and rabbit... the 11 foot intestine? is too scientifically proven to be a herbivore creature...

Having said the above, god is such loaded word, with religions at war over its meanings and followers, that i simplify into higher power, or even to the word ineffable, making sense and retaining the sense of the completely unique creatures each is born, without tying ourselves to the words/translations of other unique beings.

Thanks for your interesting words.