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All-Creatures Ministry and Web Site
By Adelina - 19 Feb 2013

Hi Frank -

I am glad that you have this web site and I know you're working very hard to keep it alive and very well-informed for many visitors. 

I find it difficult, to say the very least, to try opening up a conversation with Christians friends about animals rights.  Some of the most well-respected Christian friends that I know don't understand or fully understand why I love animals the way I do.  I have been struggling heavily because I love animals dearly and I cannot understand why some could care less about animal suffering and the fact that everyday, every hour, every minute, an innocent being died a horrible death in factory farming, science lab, testing lab, etc. merely to serve our selfish desires and wants… 

As a matter of fact, I have to safely say I haven't found one single Christian around whom believe deeply in ending animals suffering. 

Please keep up with your work ….it gives hope to people like me to know that there are Christian people out there who understands how I feel about animals!

Thank You!