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By Frank and Mary Hoffman - 17 Feb 2013

Dear Dawn:

If you would like to write a memorial story for Kez and your relationship together, hopefully with a photo or two, we’d be happy to publish it in our animal story section.

We know how you feel about most of the human population in this world. A lot of compassionate people make similar remarks. But we keep feeling compelled to pray for relief.

Several places in the Bible point to the fact that humans were given the responsibility to care for and protect the earth from corruption, and we have failed horribly in our collective responsibility, but those of us who are speaking out against the violence and cruelty are making a difference and preventing things from getting worse. The only answer to our prayers that we seem to receive on this subject is a reminder of these things.

If you ever put things in writing, please send them to us, and if we can think of something for you to do, we’ll let you know.

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In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary