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By Kim 22 Jan 2013

Yes, I personally appreciate your reply very much.  I know you are busy and you always respond to my email.
I know they are not you, but I hope you can help me a little bit, because you are a pastor too, although in different religion.   I have a feeling that Catholic priests who are in their position are just for reinforcing their power.  I know there are some Catholic priests or nuns who are good persons, as they care about orphans, or they volunteer taking care of very sick people.  

I cannot understand why they don't have a feeling for a living being who is horribly tortured by humans unnecessarily.  At least they tell me why they do that, but they don't tell.  Do you think they cannot answer?
I don't want to be depressed, Frank.  I have a friend.  She is a vegan for many years.  She thinks of animals' suffering too much that she became depressed and has to take medicine for that.