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By Col Sky - 19 Jan 2013

Hello Frank,

I have never had a Christian faith, but I have always had a spiritual faith, this I share with Christians and other denominations of the faith, in the divine / pure goodness, of godliness, as some refer to it.

I am more a pantheist, which equals = pan (all).... theist = belief in god/higher power...  meaning = all is god.

But obviously I regard Jesus as my brother, and Mary, his mother, as a sacred creator...  along with all other life within nature, and all other mothers and parents too...  my family is of  human kind and nature.

The good thing about Jesus is he is impossible to disagree with... ha ha... that in itself is a good sign... and that we should be kind and show love, that we should look after our earth... all these things are true, and it is time to apply them.

All should aspire to the examples of Jesus... or as someone who is just plain good and kind.  it is really that simple.

Blessings and peace.

Col Sky