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By Karolin - 2 Jan 2013

Dear Frank and Mary,
I feel that today is a good day.
One of the prison guards whom I work with here at the hospital has been asking me questions about the animals. Every time I see him, I noticed that he is getting closer to me so he can talk about the horrors of the animal agriculture.
Today he came and said something close to this:   "Karolin, I feel there is a reason that you have told me about these horrors and there is a reason that I am listening. I have been thinking about discussing this with my wife but I am so afraid that she is going to be very hurt. She loves animals and it will be hard for her to know the truth. She will believe me though because she knows I am serious. I don't know what to do, I just want it to stop now"
I think this is a wonderful start for him and finally someone with a good heart listened.