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By Susan Clay - 31 Dec 2012

Dear Frank and Mary,
Thanks to David Cantor putting a plug for in his latest newsletter, Veda found me today.
And thanks to Veda writing David a note asking about me and my response to her, Veda naturally included me in her mailing of the link to the animal success stories in 2012, as featured at
After I forwarded that impressively long list to a few friends, I decided to open one of the stories; its title attracted me. It was THIS ONE (My Teacher, My Guru, Nikita).
Oh my gosh! I know of Dr. Roba. That is, I have several vegan friends in the Houston area who know him very well indeed (Melanie, the owner of the new frosting-maker Zibble, being one of them). 
Separately, I have a neighbor who last October began attending Vegan Society of PEACE monthly potluck dinners with me. She has three young (and tiny) dogs who have opened her heart for the first time to loving animals. Well, at least to loving dogs! One of her little friends is a Maltese named Lilly.
My neighbor hasn't quite made the connection with "food" animals; she doesn't feel empathy for them yet. But she's listening closely to the conversation and short films and book reviews we have at our potlucks, and she loves our vegan food. And she does have a kind heart, in the sense that she can't bear to watch films that depict any animal suffering -- and walks out on them! So she's definitely got hope!  

Naturally, I emailed Anteneh's story to my neighbor tonight, knowing that it will help her along on her journey of compassion for all creatures. 
Peace, joy, and love to the Hoffmans,
Susan Clay in Houston 
P.S. Please feel free to forward my email to Dr. Roba, to whom I send my deepest condolences on the recent passing of his gentle little teacher, Nikita.