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By Karolin - 16 Dec 2012

Dear Frank and Mary,

Do you think I should say that to him or should I let it go? Do you believe that deep down he knows what a "lie teaching" hypocrite he is?


PS; I work here at the Hospital. My floor also contains the prison floor. Two days ago a prisoner got very good news. He got a new liver.
Some guards made some comments such as "what a waste of a good liver". ( because he has committed a crime).
Later that day I had a conversation with a friend.
I told him the story and said "I think he deserves it just as much as anyone else does"
Then my friend asked "why" and I answered "well, when a person commits murder on another person, it is called a crime but when we murder an animal to eat, it is called normal. It is both murder though. Therefore we are no better than this prisoner. We are criminals too, it is just that the human law decides which crime is acceptable and which one is not.  Therefore this prisoner deserves this liver the same as anyone else. 
Then my friend said "or doesn't he?"