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By Benjamin - 26 Oct 2012

Dear Mary, Frank and Veda,

Greetings from rift valley Kenya, I trust all is fine with you all.

We are fine here.

On, 24 October 2012, I, Julius and Noah were able to travel to Nairobi to meet Dr. Anteneh. We traveled safely from transmara district, Narok County – the journey is quite long, 400km and over 5 hrs. drive. For me this journey is very interesting for two reasons:

1. I was born in rural areas and have never been to capital city (Nairobi) before.

 2. As Youngman (high school student) to meet high international profile person (Dr.).

 3. Three of us are not good in English (especially vocally).

Despite all this concern we are successful in tracing Dr. Roba, talked well and friendly and back home safely. We are very thankful to Dr. Roba Anteneh for welcoming us the way he did, we didn’t expected to sit in round table having a drink while discussing things with him; most bosses are not accessible by low profile people in our culture.

Dr. Anteneh promised to provide us with literature on veganism and compassion towards animals in both Swahili and English. This will help our people understand this message well. Illiteracy is high among our community and only a few can speak the two national languages.

He also was willing to come with someone with better understanding in farming (crops planting) to talk with people in a local seminar, originally the Maasai are pastoralist and entirely depends on animal’s product for food, introducing them to vegetarians is something that will need much effort and process. Teaching them to know how to plant various food crops and their important to substitute animal’s product is very important. Transmara district is rich in fertile soils (loams) and received sufficient rainfalls required by most crops. If people are not provided with farming skills and capital to invest in farming nobody will turn away from killing animals’ foods. We are willing to set an example to them by being light for them to know animals right to live as God created.

I, Julius and Noah we are ready to spread the message to our families, churches, schools and we believe we will eventually bring change to our village if not the larger area. We kindly request your help to fulfill this call and compassion to our creatures.

Lastly, we are very thankful for putting us in touched with Dr. Anteneh; we believe in the future he will be of great help for us and our community.

Have a good day, attached is a photos of both us with Dr Roba in Nairobi.

Benjamin in Nairobi