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Our subjects cover: animals, religion (Christian, Jewish and others); diet and lifestyle (vegan and vegetarian); and other miscellaneous subjects.

All-Creatures Ministry and Web Site
By Rev. Joanne Moss - 21 Oct 2012

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Hoffman,

I was not only delighted to come across your website, but very taken by the stories, history, and philosophies of how All Creatures came about. Animals have been near and dear to me since I was a small child; so much so that God worked in and through the Human-Animal Bond (HAB) to help me build meaningful relationships long before I began experiencing healthy relationships with humans.

From the stray, injured, and abandoned animals that I cared for to the farm animals who became my family long before I became homeless at the age of 14 God has given me a heart for bringing people and animals together to experience the bond to facilitate emotional, physical, and social wholeness. My definition of the HAB is to be loved just for being.

My God-directed journey showed me favor with a small group of kind and caring people with disabilities in 1996 who raised money and gave it to me to follow my vision. As God would have it I became the founding member of The Canadian Foundation for Animal Assisted Support Services in 1998. A brief historical account and information regarding the Foundation can be accessed by clicking on the enclosed links.

Given our shared passion for humane Bible-Based education, social justice, and one health for both people and animals I would welcome the opportunity of speaking with you. With your permission I would gladly create links from my Eternal Animal Companions site to yours. Additionally, a private online work space has been created to unite Believers in the Lord Jesus Christ who long to educate the Body of Christ and the general population about God’s love and shared covenant with the animals has been created. I would be thrilled if you would join us so that we can collectively pray for God’s direction as to how we can work together to fulfill the call on each of our respective lives in this area.

Please feel free to reach out by phone (Skype) as well. I look forward to hearing from you.


Rev. Joanne Moss
Winchester, ON