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By Mienkie - 25 Oct 2011

Dear Frank and Mary

Thank you for your e-mail.

I cry as I read your e-mail and website, because I kind of gave up on Christians living compassionate lives as Jesus intended.

Unfortunately, there are no vegetarian Christian churches in South Africa and if you even mention anything to most Christian about being vegan or being an environmentalist they get very hostile and start quoting random scripture to support their wrong lifestyle and ease their conscience.

I would love to become part of the discussion group and meet more Christians who share our believes, but mostly my family and I would love to get involved in distributing pamphlets to our local community and churches. Our society in South Africa are mostly Christian, so I know your pamphlets can make a difference.

If possible can you send us the pamphlet on "Why Jesus would be a vegetarian"? It will mean so much to my family, who knew for so long, being vegetarian or vegan, is the Christian way.

Thank you again for being a light to the world and spreading God's love through a compassionate lifestyle!

Love in Christ

Mienkie from South Africa