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By Judy Petullo - 18 Mar 2011

Hi Frank & Mary,

Thanks for your wonderful newsletter, always filled with great info! It's so good to know that you are spreading the word about animals and our world and how people can help make the world a better place.

We have a vegan group, VegNet Bend, here in Bend Oregon where we have vegan potlucks & programs each month, plus we show films for the public and do tabling and vegan food sampling for Meatout Day, Earth Day and have vegan Thanksgivings etc.

We also have a local vegan radio show, All Things Vegan, on KPOV 106.7. People anywhere in the world can listen to our show at We've interviewed some wonderful people like Dr. Michael Klaper, Marc Bekoff, Colman McCarthy (Washington Post writer for 30 years and founder of the Center For Teaching Peace) plus more. We've made some great friends and hope we are helping to educate the public about the benefits of a plant based diet.

I was wondering if you can add our radio show to your list of shows and podcasts on your website.

Thanks for all you are doing for our world and the creatures who share it!

Judy Petullo