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Comments by Anthony - 10 Feb 2011

Most people are docile in nature.. they tend to follow along.. Jesus knew this and this is why He was very adamant about man being good to one another, caring, loving as Jesus was.

The leader's of our world? What do they do? They inundate the world with business, advertisements, evil, lust- and their main concern is making money for themselves- All one has to do is look around.

Look at the world.. how many people have nothing.. And this is because the many people who have nothing are living in a world captured by evil men who have created a box where so many of God's children cannot exert their gifts, their skills.. Surely, God didn't make any of us worth less than any other. Yet, in our world- one has to be evil to prosper.

God sees that many good children will not enter into this way, and will subsequently suffer all their life long. And is it for nothing? Oh no! It is for Heaven. And, I already know personally that God helps his good children.. sometimes, even right in the 'here and now'.

So, I don't put blame on the world being evil.. I say that people are living in a world run by powerful evil people who have all the resources.