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Comments by Anthony - 9 Feb 2011

I wasn't around for that (WWI), but I am aware of the history.. that said.. we are a different world now- I believe technology was God's way of allowing the world to come together without actually having to all be together in 1 place.

With this technology people tend to think that it's all "about us" and "for us" For games, for websites, buying material goods, pornography, business etc.. in truth technology might well have come into the world to prepare us all for the 'end times'- When all we had were televisions to watch the news unfold.. we didn't have the element of 'communicating with each other through the TV set'-

But now with the world wide web- everyone can voice their stance and interact with each other which has a huge impact on how "the people" of the world support each other- (which is probably part of why Egypt shut down their internet)-

Nonetheless the world is aware now of many of the hidden corruptions of the WWI generation- It is truly a different world the people of our generation are much more aware.. there are so many more people in the world right now.. And man's organized way of trying to run this world (without God) has failed and it may well be time for God to come and take over.