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Comments by Naod - 18 Jan 2011

Dear Frank

Your article was a delight to read. You are Frank indeed. I have been a vegetarian for the very reason you mentioned. People tell me I am starving myself out of essential nutrient (protein). It is my resolve that if my survival requires the killing of another innocent creature, then let me perish innocent than live with violence. Actually, I even doubt seriously any claim that animal protein is necessary because I believe whoever created us is compassionate, therefore would not create humans whose survival depends on violence.

People wonder why there are wars, why do we kill each other. If we only search our souls honestly and confess our sins Frankly! then we shall see the truth and we will be free. Jesus christ said, The kingdom of God is within you, and it is up to us to make it reality. May the true God reveal the truth to all of us as compassion is the gateway to harmony, love, and all that is Good.

I admire you deeply for your noble thought and stand