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Comments by John - 29 Sep 2010

Hi Frank and Mary,

Excellent passages and internet commentaries -- yes, Genesis 1:29 - 31, definitely refers to using plants ONLY as a food source. This leaves little doubt.

Two quick questions:

First: Is there a scriptural passage denoting the soul (Or Greek word as "sukas" for soul, as I remember from an explanation I heard), or at least some type of reference to the spiritual nature of an animal's life, just as there is a spiritual nature to man, per the soul of man?

Second: Please check this link --

I came across this as I was cross referencing on the internet, searching for more "backing" for our position --

The implication here being that, after the flood, God gave his OK for the eating of animal meat, so long as it was "clean" first (E.g., removing the blood, etc.), which seems to be backed by the passage in Acts of "Arise, Peter, kill and eat".

However --

Paul does indicate that it may not be a good idea to do anything that "causes your brother to stumble" -- which, I wonder, if this could also refer to eating animal meat ?

If so -- think about this:

I am sure, and I am sure that you will agree, there are THOUSANDS of hunters in Arkansas, all church going on Sunday, and baptized, etc., etc., -- including the ministers and preachers -- who are eating meat, and are not "prone to stumbling" since they are ALL doing it, routinely and regularly.

Which, unfortunately, probably presents a problem for us.

What is your take on this?

By the way, my companion animal that I lost was a Dutch rabbit -- just an amazing bunny (With human characteristics, Ha Ha !), and he was also my other "soul mate" besides my wife.

The loss was absolutely devastating.

I am currently struggling with how to stop the animal torture videos being broadcast on "You Tube", particularly the ones depicting live domestic pet store rabbits being fed to pythons for "kicks" (This is an epidemic in Florida) -- which is an incredible torture that I cannot even describe, and both of you would not even be able to watch one of these snake-eating-live-rabbit videos all the way through. They are that bad.

Your thoughts?

God bless,