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Comments by Barbara - 1 Jun 2010

You are the answer to my prayers. I'm Catholic and my religion's lack of compassion for all of God's creation has been an obstacle for many years to my coming full circle to believe in Jesus, Holy Spirit and God the Father. I go in and out of praying and not--same for attending mass.

This may sound like a silly question, but do I just continue attending masses at my Catholic Church. It's still God's House and I don't think I should stop. I just don't agree with what Catholicism has to say about non human animals.

Did you see the horrendous videos from Mercy for Animals made available recently? One is at Conklin Dairy Cow factory farm in Ohio. I don't recall where the "pork" factory farm is. They make me physically ill.

I don't know if anyone has an answer to this question: Why does our God permit such evil to the most vulnerable, including pre- born babies?

I know God gave man free will, but why do the innocent have to suffer so much, or at all? I'm not violent in every respect, but as far as I'm concerned, if it has to happen to anyone, let it be the murders and rapists, etc.? This has also been an obstacle for me and prevents me from having stronger faith in our God.

Your website is a God-send. It is the wonderful, comprehensive, all inclusive web site I have ever seen that tells the truth about Jesus and animals. I found a gold mine.

God bless ALL animals.