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Comments by Anne - 23 Dec 2009

Congratulations. It is very sad to see these bears age 6 months old to suffer thru the stupidity of the people. To remove their teeth by a rod is horrible.

In Greenland the sled dogs are tie down without a roof. The mothers to be make a hole on the ground. Their babies get away from them searching for the mother's milk and go further than their Mother can reach the little new dies, while the Mother struggles to save them. The stupid people that own them, take a hammer and hit the teeth so they dont try to get away by biting on their chains that are so short.

I have noticed, the in China, Japan and Greenland they are from ancient Mongol blood, correct? if not correct I apologize. Is it possible that that is the reason those people have nasty genes!?

I'm so sorry of so much suffering of the animals and being so tragic.

May God bless you for your many efforts thru the stopping these people in doing harm....are they dumb?

Merry Christmas.