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By Barb Ellicott - 26 Nov 2009

Thanks for your input.  I have found that in the majority of cases, unfortunately, that, as you have pointed out, they are really great at dissociating. In ever so many cases, their palates 'dictate' their life style. E.g. unfortunately, I have an uncle who has had bi-pass surgery THREE times (dietary caused problem!) and yet he will NEVER change his diet! He considers me an 'extremist" in my sad...:>(
Fortunately the younger folks (the age of my adult children) In my audiences are often more receptive than those in my mom's (91 yrs.) and my generation!!  It's so refreshing to speak with them. I've met many more folks who are raising vegan children!
Occasionally, I get some positive feedback from folks in my generation. E.g. one former classmate with whom I spoke at my recent 50th H.S. reunion, wrote: "Barb, I can honestly say that I have read every piece of literature which you gave me and, to be honest, I don't think I will be able to enjoy my turkey this Thanksgiving when i think of the horrible conditions to which the poor birds are exposed!"
Best wishes always,
Barb :>)