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By Barb Ellicott - 24 Nov 2009

Hi, Mary & Frank!
It was such a wonderful treat to, not only see you again, but to hear Frank's presentation!!  Wow! What an inspiration. His were my thoughts for years!  In spite of the fact that I am a believer, have unyielding faith, I have never been able to find any church, synagogue, etc. who's doctrine I could accept!

I've always been an independent thinker and could not allow myself to be 'enslaved' by a specific doctrine, ESPECIALLY THOSE WHICH HAD INHUMANE IDEAS FOR HUMANS AND ANIMALS! (much to the frustration of my parents when I was growing up and to many of my friends/associates.)  I've found a 'home' with like-minded folks who feel equally compassionate about ALL God's creatures!
Frank, I would love it if, whenever you have a spare moment (of which you rarely have, I'm sure!) if you could e-mail me those biblical passages from the Old Testament which you referred to in your presentation i.e. God's statements about consuming meat etc. and the consequences if man did so.
As we all too well know, man has a tendency to extract phrases out of context which, in his opinion, justifies his killing and/or eating meat!  I think one such line is something like: "man has dominion over animals"?? etc.
Anyway, I had a wonderful time at our compassionate Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday!!!!  The REAL bonus was in seeing you again!!!
Sincerest best wishes for a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!!  I am thankful to have you as friends!!!
Love in friendship,
Barb (Ellicott), PCRM Ambassador for healthy hearts & improved school lunches, Star-McDougaller, author, and national public speaker..SLP, LC, S.Psycho. and mom of four vegan adult children :>)