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All-Creatures Ministry and Web Site
By Annie Klein - 26 May 2008

I am thrilled to find your website and find other Christians who believe as I do that God's desire is for us to care for animals as opposed to exploiting them. The fact that many Christians seem almost militant in their "right" to eat meat continues to puzzle me, especially in the light of what is known about the physical suffering of animals before and during the slaughtering process, as well as the emotional suffering they experience when separated from their families. Add to that the profound impact on the environment of raising animals for slaughter and the resultant lack of available food supply in poor countries and I really don't get it.

People seem to be able to justify their position by Scriptures in Genesis when God told Noah after the flood that humans were free to eat animals and also in the NT when the Bible states that Jesus declared all foods were clean. (Can't remember exactly how it is worded). How do you relate to to those Biblical accounts? It is clear that our diet was fruit, vegetables, nuts and grains at the beginning and that we need to be heading back in that direction in order to be as fully restored as possible in this life.

Anyway, I look forward to exploring your website further when it is not so late at night.

May God increase your visibility.

In His grace,

Annie Klein