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By Gabby - 19 May 2007

I'm glad you replied. I'm trying to get my family to become a vegan or vegetarian... but every time I tried to my mom just said, " Gabby, people have choices." It makes me SO mad when she says that!! I mean yeah people do have choices... but if it causes someone else to suffer, should we really have a choice?

I try to tell my sister sick things so she'll stop eating meat, but she just gets mad and screams at me... I tell her that she's just supporting it. Then she yells at me," No I'm not! I care about animals!"

Please! I mean come on! If she cared do you think she would go around eating them and LETTING them suffer? Thanks for the sites. You know you think nobody would hurt a dog or a whale or other animals... it's weird how anyone could be so cruel... people get so worked up about money! I mean it's just paper!!!! It's not worth what the animals have to go through! Personally, I think humans are animals! I mean I know a dog that was abused that is nicer than someone that has EVERYTHING!

I hope you reply!

Bye for now!

P.S. I'm writing this in my diary. I'm hoping someone in a hundred years reads and tries to do something about animal cruelty too. God bless you!