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By Marsha - 19 Mar 2007

Dear Frank and Mary;

Thank you so much for your letter. Glad to hear how much information you provide to your readers. 33,000 documents! Wow!

I don't see after all the research a person can do about the cruelty towards animals and living in such horrible conditions, how anyone can continue to eat meat, diary products, etc.. I was totally appalled by what I have found on other websites as well. I think I have become a type of "missionary" spreading the news of the plight of the Lord's precious creatures. Those I have told look at me with shock, nearly gagging, not having ever known or realized any of these things.

Praise Jesus!! My daughter and son-in-law are going to honor my grandchildren's decisions not to eat meat and dairy products any longer. My grandchildren are only 3, 5, 8, and 10 yrs. old. They are big animal lovers and do love Jesus very much, too. In fact, the church we go to in Streator, Illinois is a unique place of worship. Our pastor, Chuck Giacinto, was born and raised a Catholic, but at 38 yrs. old, he accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior, after his wife, Sharon, was saved and miraculously healed on her death bed. (One thing that she found out was that she could not eat any kinds of red meat...)

Throughout the years, our pastors were given the revelation of our Jewish roots, including the truth of how our Jesus is, was, and always will be a Jewish Messiah and Savior. We celebrate the Jewish feasts and many other of God's teachings. In Pastors Chuck's and Sharon's studies and research, Holy Spirit taught them not only about the Jewish truths, He taught them about the dietary laws, and many other things. Eventually and not too long afterwards, they both became vegetarians. They teach people on health and nutrition, God's way, plus a lot of the people of our church are also either vegetarians, or just refuse to eat red meat.

That's where I started, and kept it up off and on during the past few years, then made the final decision to completely quit once and for all, especially after seeing the websites including yours, that I've found.

Ever since I can remember as a very small child I've loved animals. My hatred for hunting was to the point of being a real pain in my dad's behind, that one day when I blurted out how I "hated hunters", it resulted in a very sore mouth. Granted, Daddy and I were both wrong...I was very wrong for what I said and he shouldn't have slapped me across my mouth. But Daddy wouldn't understand how I felt about killing animals, etc.. He had always been a "fair hunter", never killing animals for sport nor meanness. You know the generational thing...families of hunters and farmers. Dad and Mom both were raised to believe that it was ok to kill and eat anything on your farm, in your fields, etc..

I really don't know where such love for animals did come from. However, I believe it was put in my heart by the Lord for a purpose which maybe is being revealed in my family now; to help stop contributing to the traditional way of life...eating animals who have the right to live without fear of being eaten. In fact, as I'm typing this, I can recall when I was married several years ago, a couple that my husband and I befriended, who claimed to be Christians. However, their attitudes and the way they lived was so self-righteous and rude beyond belief! One day when we were visiting them at their home, we got on the subject of animals, cruelty towards them, and hunting, etc.. What set me off was one of them sneering and remarking, "So what! They're just animals!" Even though I was a bit shy and never was brave enough to stick up for myself or make my opinions known (I hated confrontations), I was burning! My husband didn't like it either. Needless to say, they remained our "friends" no longer after that. It was the last straw.

Today, I am not as quiet as I used to be and I bravely face the opposition. I am not afraid to be opinionated, let others know my viewpoints, nor do I allow others to persuade me the wrong way when I know I'm right! Anyway, for years I was always leaning in the direction of giving up meat and other dead foods, altogether. I hadn't realized until one day that it had been Holy Spirit's leading. That's one reason I praise God for you and your website!!

It's so cool to learn that other Christians are also receiving the revelations from Holy Spirit regarding the "dietary truths" that it was never His intentions for us to eat meat! I did read the article by Michael Shaw (?) which included very good teachings based on the Word and historical writings, however, I certainly do not agree with some of the things Mr. Shaw said concerning other religions, nor did Adam and Eve run around "naked". After studying, I've learned that Adam and Eve were clothed with the righteousness of God which hid their nakedness. Once they sinned, that righteous garments was removed and then they were naked. Mr. Shaw (hope I'm getting his name correct) said that according to some historical writings, Peter was supposed to have observed that some religions we know to be totally contrary to the holy scriptures, worshipped the same God we do, and that these certain religions are not of the devil. Yet, I find that very hard to believe. Just because the followers of these non-Christian religions are peace-loving and non-violent, it doesn't mean their teachings and doctrines are NOT of Satan!

When any religion denies the deity of Jesus as God, and teaches its people to worship in the paganistic ways they do without even mentioning Jesus as God Himself, and replace Him with a mere human being, a "prophet", or a "dead god", it is demonic! That is the diabolical nice and no one will know! I call it sugar-coated poisons! If the Gospel, the virgin birth, the Lordship, the Blood, the Resurrection, and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ is not taught in all religions, then they are of the devil! They do NOT all worship the same God I do! If that were true then Jesus died in vain. All religions teach that there are different ways to God and none of them agree, in spite of how they tolerate the beliefs of other religions.

Not everyone is heading to Heaven. This is completely New Age garbage! There is only one way to the Father and that is through our Lord Jesus! Religion, which is Satan's idea is a way to deceive mankind into thinking he can get to God only by good works, ritual practices, etc...totally contrary to Him and His Word. Only the cleansing Blood of Jesus and a relationship with Him will get us to Heaven. It's not what we do, but what Jesus did that makes us righteous.

Finally, we are NOT all God's children. Only those who have accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior can rightfully call God Father...for all others I would hate to be standing before the Lord on Judgment Day when He looks at them and says, "Sorry, I never knew you!"

Well, I really didn't mean to take up your time by writing an essay! LOL! But thank you for reading it, anyway!

God bless you both and may His blessings pour upon your lives in abundance! Sha' alu Shalom Yerushali'im! (Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem!)