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By Mare - 11 Jul 2006

I'm sorry I can't make your day by saying I have stopped eating meat, but you do a disservice to condemn those who have not had enough life experience, or time to adjust, to have made as much progress as you have.

Some of us have given up fur, some have given up young meat, some all meat..the point being, there ARE people opening their hearts…but if it's all or nothing..what do we have to strive for?! Do our baby steps in the right direction mean nothing?

Ease up on the all capital letters, and exclamation points, and harsh judgements…which should be reserved for WHOM?!…to make? The harshness you put out there concerning your fellow man (although, granted some of us are just downright evil, and should die in the animal's place,) is just as harsh and cold as some of your photos.

Why won't MY family go vegan? Because on a 1/4 acre, we do not have enough room to raise enough vegetation, nor the manpower to keep it producing enough quantity to serve our family on IT alone. (And we're creatures of habit and stil love meat!!) We raise rabbits to eat, and chickens for eggs. Our chickens are free-range and very happy..skittering about, squaking, and getting leftovers to chase about over.

Our rabbits are executed in a quick, non-suffering manner. Broomstick on the neck…one quick jerk of their hind feet towards their head…SNAP...5 seconds, start to finish. No time for writhing and jerking..just death.

My children have learned to not waste what is provided, because they are part of the feeding, watering, and caring for these creatures (as well as playing with them, feeding them flowers, petting them, etc). The bucks and does have names, and are handled daily. The babies, when weaned are put in the huge run we labeled the BBQ PIT (they get flowers too, and visitors get to play with them). It's a very rewarding experience..just as finding a few eggs now and then for all our loving care given to the chickens.

I read everything on your website over the course of two days…and I will pass on plenty of information to others (for instance, where Premarin comes from…what they do to get goose-liver pate, etc..)…and I ask you to consider the reasoning behind those of us who HAVEN'T made the entire switch…but who are trying to make a difference as best we can.