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By Maria - 27 Mar 2006

Hello Mary and Frank,

Greetings to you wonderful Vegans.

Today I came across your website. I was looking for vegan pizza ideas. I just want to tell you how heartwarming it is to know that you two are out there and have created your website. I like that you included the Genesis 1:29-31 quote (NIV). I wonder what (d-4) means after "let no animal suffer or die that we may live." It's exactly how I feel too.

I've met a few vegans along my path, and am predisposed to respecting and liking somebody as soon as I know he/she is vegan. Not all vegans agree on all matters, but to know that somebody truly is vegan is to know a great deal about them. It's been about 22 years for me being vegan. Anyway, thanks for your time reading this message, which has no point really except to say I'm sure you are terrific people and I'm glad to know you are out there.

Vegan blessings to you and yours,


p.s. - I should mention, my husband is vegan too. It took him a bit longer to reach veganism, but I respect him for his honesty. He would eat completely vegan for many months on end, sometimes years, but he reserved for himself the possibility that he would eat a can of tuna. He had to eat it on a bench outside the house, from the can, and take the nasty can and dispose of it away from our home. He was totally agreeable and understanding about my sensitivity on that issue. I respected that he did not call himself "vegan" because he knew he just might in his lifetime have another can of tuna. (Never any dairy, eggs, or honey, or other sad stuff.) Most other people would have claimed to be vegan under those circumstances, and would have hidden their occasional tuna. So, I loved him and respected his honesty. Eventually, he said he would be vegan, and it was not as if he had to do anything different, he just no longer had in his mind that he ever would eat a poor tuna's body part again.

Thank you for your time reading my rambling message!