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By Kenneth - 12 Mar 2006

Thank you for your kindness. Your information will be used to help the animals.

By the way, I am always intrigued when I receive information from the USA, in the way they somehow believe they are aloof from the rest of the World. I refer to your, (If you really want God to bless America AND the world). I thought that God did bless America, which leads them to behave the way they do! I am atheist, and find that a civilised mind is all that is required in order to share this Planet equably with all creatures.

Although I eat some animal products----which I would prefer not to do, I have not eaten any meat for twenty or more years. I try to encourage others to consider the animal suffering involved in the meat trade, particularly the barbaric slaughter required by kosher.

As you are obviously a departure from the average Christian, in that you genuinely care for the welfare of ALL creatures, I hope you do not mind my digression, or find it offensive, but the USA is not a country I admire and I can easily be roused when I think of its inhumane history over the past half century---in the quest for world domination and financial wealth. It certainly is leading (bullying) the world---but not in the right direction: "The love of money---".

Best wishes, and thank you.