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By David - 12 Aug 2013

Re: Why are GMOs against God’s Will?

This is just a quick thought regarding Amy and Frank's comments.

God has no limitations - except in terms of how he can work through us. As humans we are limited to the extent that we believe in our limitations and limit our openness to God.

When we think of what we perceive as huge obstacles like Monsanto we are thinking of them as external to ourselves - enemies to be conquered. This is not the right way.

Those who call the shots at Monsanto and those who work for them are plain and simple ignorant as to the beauty wonder and limitlessness of God's love. This gives a clue to how we may succeed in winning them over - by our example of expressing God's love.

Such people (Monsanto) work enormously hard at using their human will power since this is all they believe in. This causes them (and of course others) huge pain and suffering.

I am not suggesting I have the answers. But the answers I believe include the above truths.


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