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By Kytriya - 8 Jun 2013

Re: Challenging Church Compassion – 20: Kicked Out for Animal Beliefs

In regards to your article and the attitude the church tends to have all to
I've come to believe that if the church will kick out those allergic to potpourri out of their congregation (by voting to keep it in the loo), then they aren't mature enough to handle animal lovers. They are still worshiping their comfort zones. Thus, I choose my battles wisely and try to plant half seeds, in the hope that they will eventually mature enough to realize that worshiping their comfort zones brings them further away from God instead of closer to God. (Solution idea after next paragraph.)

To be more clear....
I believe we worship our comfort zones when we treat badly anyone who doesn't believe like us. This treating badly can be either cold shoulder, negative talk, and so on. We worship our comfort zones when we ignore the needs to the Deaf or those with food allergies, special diets, Vegans, Vegetarians and so on. I've yet to see someone who is "normal" and who does not have a special needs person in their family, take a person in a wheelchair out for lunch and become a genuine friend. This is only my experience, and I'm sure that some people who will, do exist.

Solution Idea (that may or may not work):
With this in mind, could we effect change in the church and get them to be okay with Vegan diets and animal lovers way of life, if we could get them to dare get out of their comfort zones and realize they won't die in the process? Maybe we could do this by showing them how cool a person in a wheelchair is? And how on fire for God they can be? Maybe we could do this by showing them what its like to be blind or deaf or in a wheelchair and teach them compassion? Then, from there, maybe we can  use what we taught them about compassion, to teach them how some of  us have compassion for animals too?

Just a thought. What are your thoughts? I'd like to see the Body of Christ  stop dissing those who are different, and instead start embracing all  people unconditionally.