Animals and Plants - the Differences


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Animals and Plants - the Differences
Comments by Frank L. Hoffman - 29 Oct 2002

Dear Kim:

Thank you very much for sending your excellent, and truthful, response to Natalie Angier's comments.

After receiving similar comments to hers about "killing carrots", etc., almost weekly, we have come to the conclusion that these people are not interested in the truth. They know the truth that animals feel pain and plants do not, but they are trying to subvert the truth in an attempt to justify their lust for meat and their insensitivity to the pain and suffering that they are contributing to.

Your response to eat neither animal nor plant if it causes pain is right on target, but we believe these people already know this truth.

The simple truth is that these people don't care that they are causing pain and suffering, which to us is evil. All they seem to want is their "pound of flesh" at any cost, and anything that they can do to subvert attention away from their lust for animal products helps them justify their acts to themselves and their fellow flesh eaters.

Similarly, hunters try to subvert attention away for the fact that they take pleasure in killing, which reflects an evil intent. So they come up with all kinds of excuses to subvert attention away from the truth:

"They give the meat the to the poor."

"If they didn't kill some of the deer, the rest of the herd would die of starvation."

"They only hunt for food, and they always kill instantly with the first shot."

To us, Natalie Angier's and these other people's comments show only a hardness of heart.

In the Love of the Lord,


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