Weekly Newsletter from Christian Vegetarian Association CVA - May 31, 2019
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  1. Activist Feedback
  2. Regarding the Property Status of Nonhuman Animals
  3. All-Creatures.Org Ministry

1. Activist Feedback

Vegan Outreach staff member Stacy Shepanskey, who leafleted at Winter Jam in Augusta, writes:

While we didn't get any signups, we handed out 1150 booklets and had a lot of great conversations with people at Winter Jam Augusta. Some people remembered me and the booklets from last year, and many told me they had read them and it had given them a lot to think about. Many had reduced their animal consumption. I got a few great photos of people reading the booklets in line and a kid reading it on the steps of a nearby building. My volunteer showed up for the last 30-40 minutes of the event, but it was great to get help so I could chat with attendees more.

Upcoming Activist Opportunities


06/05/2019 NV, Las Vegas Hillsong United
06/07/2019 CA, San Diego Hillsong United
06/7-8/2019 MI, Grand Rapids Joyce Meyer
06/08/2019 AZ, Phoenix Hillsong United
06/11/2019 CA, Los Angeles Hillsong United
06/20-22/19 OH, Cincinnati Spiritsong Festival
06/22/2019 CO, Denver Hillsong United
06/24/2019 IL, Chicago Hillsong United
06/25/2019 MI, Grand Rapids Hillsong United
06/26/2019 MI, Detroit Hillsong United
06/29/2019 DC, Washington Hillsong United
07/01/2019 MA, Boston Hillsong United
07/02/2019 NY, New York Hillsong United
07/8-19/19 CA, Redding Worship On Campus – Bethel Music
07/20/2019 TX, San Antonio Matthew West
07/21/2019 WA, Seattle Jordan Feliz
07/27/2019 MO, Kansas City Matthew West
08/18/2019 IN, Indianapolis Mercy Me – Women of Joy
08/23-24/19 OH, Columbus Joyce Meyer
08/29-31/19 TX, Dallas Heaven Come Conference – Bethel Music
09/06/2019 NV, Reno Mercy Me
09/07/2019 TX, San Antonio Plumb – Women of Joy
09/08/2019 CA, Ontario Mercy Me
09/20-21/19 CA, Anaheim Women’s Conference
09/26/2019 WA, Spokane Casting Crowns Only Jesus Tour
09/27/2019 OR, Portland Casting Crowns Only Jesus Tour
10/02/2019 OH, Cleveland Mercy Me
10/04/2019 PA, Pittsburgh Mercy Me
10/05/2019 OH, Columbus Mercy Me
10/05/2019 TN, Pigeon Forge Women of Joy Conference
10/06/2019 VA, Roanoke Mercy Me
10/06/2019 MN, Minneapolis Victory Tour Bethel Music
10/07/2019 IL, Chicago Victory Tour Bether Music
10/08/2019 NY, New York Mercy Me
10/08/2019 MI, Detroit Victory Tour Bethel Music
10/10/2019 TN, Nashville Victory Tour Bethel Music
10/11/2019 OH, Columbus Victory Tour Bethel Music
10/12/2019 OH, Cleveland Mercy Me
10/12/2019 NY, Brooklyn Victory Tour Bethel Music
10/13/2019 MI, Grand Rapids Mercy Me
10/13/2019 MA, Boston Victory Tour Bethel Music
10/15/2019 MD, Baltimore Victory Tour Bethel Music
10/16/2019 NC, Charlotte Victory Tour Bethel Music
10/20/2019 NC, Raleigh Mercy Me
10/25/2019 KY, Louisville Mercy Me
10/26/2019 IN, Evansville Mercy Me
10/25-26/19 SC, Charleston Women’s Conference
10/27/2019 TN, Nashville Mercy Me
11/01/2019 NC, Charlotte Mercy Me
11/02/2019 GA, Duluth Mercy Me
11/08-09/19 PA, Hershey Joyce Meyer
11/09/2019 MO, St. Louis Mercy Me
11/14/2019 CO, Colorado Springs Mercy Me


06/07-9/19 MO, Kansas City VegFest KC 2019
06/08/2019 PA, Philadelphia VegFest
06/09/2019 NC, Asheville VegFest
07/20/2019 CT, Hamden 5th Annual Compassionfest
07/27-28/19 CO, Denver VegFest Colorado
07/27/2019 WA, Spokane Spokane VegFest
08/10-11/19 IL, Lisle Veggie Fest 2019
08/15-25/19 NY, Camp Walden Woodstock Fruit Festival
09/08/2019 NY, Albany Albany Vegfest
09/22/2019 MI, Grand Rapids Grand Rapids Veg Fest
11/09/2019 GA, Duluth Atlanta Veg Fest 2019
11/10/2019 AZ, Tucson VegOut! Tucson Vegan Food Festival 2019

2. Regarding the Property Status of Nonhuman Animals

Many animal advocates have argued that securing animal rights and animal liberation requires that we end the property status of animals. Animals, they assert, should not be the property of humans any more than humans should be the property of humans. No doubt regarding animals as property makes it easier to envision their exploitation and abuse. I see ending the property status of animals as a means to animal rights and animal liberation rather than the end goal in itself.

First, animal protectionism does not necessarily require ending the property status of animals. Domestic dogs and cats in the United States are the property of their “owners,” but laws prohibit many forms of mistreatment. Second, ending the property status of animals would not necessarily end animal exploitation and abuse, as illustrated by the torture and killing of furbearing wild animals.

I think ending the property status of animals will require the legislative process. We cannot reasonably expect the courts to rule in favor of animals as long as there is widespread support for enslaving nonhumans and a net of prior jurisprudence that has endorsed the property status of animals. Working through the legislative process is difficult, and I will turn to that next week.

Stephen R. Kaufman, MD

3. All-Creatures.Org Ministry

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