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  1. Activist Feedback
  2. Liberals and Conservatives, part 2
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1. Activist Feedback

Lexington Winter Jam
February 2, 2019

Two vegan staff members, Ben and Vic, covered the event. This is Benís report:

We distributed 1,800 leaflets at the Lexington Winter Jam. There were some other elements there, such as somewhat extremist Christians with megaphones. The crowd was pretty good in terms of conversations had. The way the line wrapped around the building was also very nice. A large proportion of children made things slightly difficult now and then.

Security stopped us once at the very beginning, but we found some nice guards, and the original man turned out to be amiable enough once he cleared our presence with the higher-ups. The attendees were very courteous. For example, they often returned leaflets to us to reuse rather than throw them away, and I didn't get any unpleasant comments or anything from the crowd.

2. Liberals and Conservatives, part 2

Last week, I discussed how liberals tend to regard corrupted institutions as the source of suffering, and they seek to reform or replace those institutions. Meanwhile, conservatives tend to see suffering as a consequence of human sinfulness, and they see institutions as crucial to preserving order and peace. Last week, I considered problems with both the liberal and conservative positions. This week, I will reflect on how, to a degree, both positions have merit.

I think that liberals have reasonable grounds to challenge institutions. Many institutions have origin stories designed to legitimate their current activities, but anthropologists and historians have also raised serious doubts about these stories. However institutions were founded, today they are run by humans who have needs and desires that can be at odds with the stated goals of the institutions.

I think that conservatives have reasonable grounds for defending institutions. Many institutions have benefited from generations of experience, which has helped weed out bad ideas and practices. Replacing time-tested institutions with novel arrangements can carry significant risks. Ideas that seem desirable, particularly if grounded on high-minded principles, might in practice be disastrous. A good example is state communism.

I will offer further thoughts on how we should regard institutions next week.

Stephen R. Kaufman, M.D.

3. All-Creatures.Org Ministry

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