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  1. Original Sin, Part 63: The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil
  2. Activist Feedback
  3. All-Creatures.Org Ministry

1. Original Sin, Part 63: The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil

Prior essays have shown how Original Sin can be understood as the scapegoating process, which has led to massive suffering among humans and nonhumans. It helps little to avoid scapegoating certain individuals while countenancing the scapegoating of other individuals. Doing so invariably leads to widespread scapegoating in times of crisis. Let us to return to the Garden of Eden story, which helps us understand the scapegoating process and, perhaps, will help us find ways to transcend this universal human tendency.

It is remarkable that the forbidden fruit comes from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. One would expect that this knowledge would be necessary for morality, which in turn could promote just treatment of other individuals. I think knowledge of good and evil is a double-edged sword. On the one, it does generate the possibility of ethical behavior. On the other hand, it goes hand-in-hand with the knowledge there are multiple possibilities in the future. The choices we make impact our life experiences and those of others. This recognition allows us to be both hopeful and fearful about the future. Fearfulness, for example about changes in health, wealth, or social status, encourages us to take measures to try to protect ourselves against both the vicissitudes of life and the inevitability of declining health.

Aware that there are perils that threaten well-being, we tend to hoard resources and take measures to protect ourselves against possible enemies. These activities invariably lead to scarcity and victimization. Scarcity and victimization in turn activate the scapegoating process, which justifies and promotes violence and injustice. There was no violence in the Garden of Eden, where God had instructed Adam, Eve, and all creatures to eat only plant foods and even the plants themselves were not killed. Knowledge of good and evil made Adam and Eve fearful of the future and inclined to harm others to protect themselves.

Adam and Evil were banished from the Garden. It could not be a utopia if occupants were fearful of the future. Next week, I will consider what Jesus said about this.

Stephen R. Kaufman, M.D.

2. Activist Feedback

Winter Jam Jacksonville, January 11, 2019
Booklet total: 250

The volunteer reported that leafleting went very well. She arrived early and the lines were already long and winding. "It was really cold and people were huddled together, I think the cold made them less receptive but most were eager to try the Primal samples and agreed to take the booklets. All in all, I consider it a success because I handed out quite a few leaflets and many people seemed genuinely interested." She plans to distribute the remaining booklets on her own.

Winter Jam Tampa, January 12, 2019
Booklet total: 1,200

A team of five volunteers reported the Tampa WJ was a great experience. They shared it was a fun afternoon of volunteering where "lots of seeds of compassion were planted."

Upcoming Activist Opportunities

Contact Lorena atlorenavalenziveg@gmail.comif you can help. Winter Jam in particular is great venue. Be the voice for the voiceless!

02/10/2019 OK, Tulsa Winter Jam 2019
02/10/2019 IN, Indianapolis TobyMac Hits Deep Tour
02/14/2019 PA, Reading Winter Jam 2019
02/15/2019 PA, Pittsburgh Winter Jam 2019
02/16/2019 OH, Cincinnati Winter Jam 2019
02/21/2019 MS, Tupelo Winter Jam 2019
02/21/2019 FL, Jacksonville TobyMac Hits Deep Tour
02/21/2019 VA, RichmondCasting Crowns Only Jesus Tour
02/22/2019 TN, KnoxvilleWinter Jam 2019
02/23/2019 MA, Springfield Casting Crowns Only Jesus Tour
02/23/2019 NC, Greensboro Winter Jam 2019
02/24/2019 VA, Norfolk Winter Jam 2019
02/28/2019 MO, Springfield Winter Jam 2019
02/28/2019 OH, ToledoTobyMac Hits Deep Tour
03/01-02-19 VA, Fairfax TobyMac Hits Deep Tour
03/01/2019 LA, Bossier City Winter Jam 2019
03/02/2019 OK, Oklahoma City Winter Jam 2019
03/03/2019 TX, Austin Winter Jam 2019
03/08/2019 TN, Nashville Winter Jam 2019
03/09/2019 KY, LouisvilleWinter Jam 2019
03/09/2019 PA, Pittsburgh Casting Crowns Only Jesus Tour
03/10/2019 TN, Chattanooga Winter Jam 2019
03/10/2019 MI, Grand Rapids TobyMac Hits Deep Tour
03/14/2019 AR, North Little Rock TobyMac Hits Deep Tour
03/15/2019 SC, Columbia Winter Jam 2019
03/15-16/19TX, Grand Prarie TobyMac Hits Deep Tour
03/16/2019 NC, Asheville Mercy Me Imagine Nation Tour
03/16/2019 GA, Atlanta Winter Jam 2019
03/22/2019 NC, RaleighWinter Jam 2019
03/23/2019 WV, CharlestonWinter Jam 2019
03/23/2019 PA, Pittsburgh TobyMac Hits Deep Tour
03/24/2019 SC, Greenville Winter Jam 2019
03/24/2019 IL, Peoria Mercy Me Imagine Nation Tour
03/27/2019 NY, AlbanyTobyMac’s Hits Deep Tour
03/28/2019 MO, SpringfieldMercy Me Imagine Nation Tour
03/29/2019 TN, Memphis Mercy Me Imagine Nation Tour
03/29/2019 PA, Philadelphia TobyMac Hits Deep Tour
03/29/2019 IN, IndianapolisWinter Jam 2019
03/30/2019 PA, State College Winter Jam 2019
03/30/2019 FL, Jacksonville Casting Crowns Only Jesus Tour
03/30/2019 OK, Oklahoma City Mercy Me Imagine Nation Tour
03/31/2019 OH, ColumbusTobyMac Hits Deep Tour
03/31/2019 OH, Cleveland Winter Jam 2019
04/04/2019 AZ, Glendale Mercy Me Imagine Nation Tour
04/05/2019 CA, Los AngelesMercy Me Imagine Nation Tour
04/06/2019 IN, Indianapolis Casting Crowns Only Jesus Tour
04/12/2019 MN, Minneapolis Casting Crowns Only Jesus Tour
04/13/2019 OR, Portland Mercy Me Imagine Nation Tour
04/14/2019 SD, Sioux Falls Casting Crowns Only Jesus Tour
04/18/2019 SC, Greenville Casting Crowns Only Jesus Tour
04/19/2019 NC, RaleighCasting Crowns Only Jesus Tour
04/25/2019 MI, Grand Rapids Casting Crowns Only Jesus Tour
04/26/2019 OH, CincinnatiMercy Me Imagine Nation Tour
04/27/2019 MO, St. Charles Casting Crowns Only Jesus Tour
05/04/2019 FL, OrlandoMercy Me Imagine Nation Tour
05/05/2019 FL, TampaMercy Me Imagine Nation Tour
09/26/2019 WA, Spokane Casting Crowns Only Jesus Tour
09/27/2019 OR, Portland Casting Crowns Only Jesus Tour


02/24/2019 FL, Bonita SpringsSWFL Vegfest
03/02/2019 FL, Jacksonville8th Annual Northeast Florida Veg Fest
03/09/2019 FL, Tallahassee North Florida Vegfest
03/23-24/19 CA, North Hollywood Vegan Street Fair
03/27/2019 FL, Orlando2nd Annual Vegfest @ UCF
03/30/2019 IN, Indianapolis INDY Vegfest
03/30-31/19 WA, Seattle Vegfest
03/31/2019 FL, Sanford Health Fest
04/06/2019 TN, Nashville Nashville Vegfest
04/06/2019 TX, Austin Texas Vegfest
04/14/2019 Al, Birmingham Alabama Vegan Fest
04/28/2019 MI, NoviMichigan VegFest 2019
05/04/2019 CA, Santa Clarita SCV Veg Fest
05/05/2019 CA, Encino Los Angeles VegFest
05-18-19/19 NY, New York NYC Vegetarian Food Festival
05/18/2019 OH, Cincinnati Cincy VegFest 2019
05/18/2019 OH, Cleveland 2019 Cleveland VegFest
06/07-9/19 MO, Kansas City VegFest KC 2019
06/08/2019 PA, PhiladelphiaVegFest
06/09/2019 NC, Asheville VegFest
07/20/2019 CT, Hamden 5th Annual Compassionfest
07/27-28/19 CO, Denver VegFest Colorado
07/27/2019 WA, Spokane Spokane VegFest
08/10-11/19 IL, Lisle Veggie Fest 2019
08/15-25/19 NY, Camp Walden Woodstock Fruit Festival
09/08/2019 NY, Albany Albany Vegfest
09/22/2019 MI, Grand Rapids Grand Rapids Veg Fest
11/09/2019 GA, Duluth Atlanta Veg Fest 2019
11/10/2019 AZ, Tucson VegOut!Tucson Vegan Food Festival 2019

3. All-Creatures.Org Ministry

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