Weekly Newsletter from Christian Vegetarian Association CVA - November 29, 2018
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  1. Original Sin, Part 54, Healing
  2. Activism
  3. From the All-Creatures.org Ministry

1. Original Sin, Part 54, Healing

Healing the social and psychological wounds that prevent our becoming a “beloved community” requires effective communication. Many people become skilled in articulating arguments against violence toward humans and nonhumans, but this skill does not guarantee communication of ideas

People rarely change their beliefs and values when they are criticized. Instead, they tend to become defensive and seek reasons why their behavior is actually admirable or that it is better than the behavior of the person criticizing them. For example, meat-eaters often accuse animal advocates of being “self-righteous.” Therefore, as discussed last week, “I” statements and comments that don’t accuse others of malfeasance can help open channels of communication.

Importantly, we should listen to what others say. What are their values and beliefs? We can much more effectively communicate our concerns if we can find common ground. For example, most people oppose cruelty to animals, though unfortunately most people do not oppose it enough to boycott factory farming and other abusive practices. One might say something like, “I choose to be vegan because I don’t want to support mistreatment of animals. I’m hearing that you love meat. I wonder whether there’s a way for meat-eaters who care about animals to reduce animal suffering.” The ball is now in the meat-eater’s court. Importantly, the meat-eater can take credit for the insights and lifestyle changes. A person is much less likely to change a lifestyle when told to do something, particularly when it’s something they are reluctant to do, than when they perceive the change as their own idea.

Helping to preserve self-esteem promotes effective communication, but there remains a problem. Human selfishness conflicts with the human impulse to be kind and compassionate. Ultimately, somehow, people should be held accountable for their actions. Next week I’ll start to explore how that can be done.

Stephen R. Kaufman, M.D.

2. Activism

Leafleting and tabling are effective, enjoyable ways to show our brothers and sisters in Christ that a plant-based diet is good for God’s Creation. When you volunteer for the CVA, the CVA now donates $16/hr. for tabling and $25/hr. for up to 3 hours for leafleting to the veg. or animal protection group of your choice. Contact Lorena at lorenavalenziveg@gmail.com if you can help.

Upcoming Activist Opportunities

Note that Winter Jam is a great opportunity with thousands of young people, many of whom are interested in our ministry.


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3. From the All-Creatures.org Ministry

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