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  1. Original Sin, Part 50, Salvation
  2. The Amazing Vegetarian Meat Cookbook
  3. From the All-Creatures.Org Ministry

1. Original Sin, part 50 – Salvation

As best I can tell, there is a nearly universal disquiet in the human soul. The search for our origins, our purpose in life, and an understanding of our ultimate destiny never ends. The quest for answers reflects the nature of human existence. Contributing features that make humans distinctive, if not unique, include our ability to imagine different outcomes to different choices and our knowledge of the inevitability of our deaths. Religions throughout the world offer answers to the existential questions: Where did I come from?, What am I supposed to do with my life?, and What happens to me when I die? But, the evidence supporting their answers is limited, often very much so. Therefore, we go through life with a sense of unease.

Perhaps one way to see salvation is relief from existential anxiety. Human salvation is not only important for one’s own sense of well-being; there are also profound social consequences. Without certainty about who we are, what our lives are for, and what will happen to us when we die, we gravitate toward answers that relieve our anxieties. These answers generally include assurances that we are special, and therefore our ultimate destinies are desirable. If we didn’t regard ourselves as special, it would likely seem that our lives are meaningless and that our deaths would represent the total end of our existence. After all, this seems to the case with nonhumans, and our commonality with other animals is obvious and hard to ignore.

If we are to regard ourselves as special, by definition we must consider ourselves superior to others. The denigration of others – whether they are of a different gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, nationality, or species – readily leads to mistreatment and, often, abuse. Therefore, individual salvation is crucial to creating “beloved communities.” To the degree that we build beloved communities, we have solved the problem of Original Sin. The reason is that Original Sin (as understood in this series) involves scapegoating, and the exclusion and mistreatment of the victim(s) of scapegoating is the antithesis of the beloved community.

Stephen R. Kaufman, M.D.

2. The Amazing Vegetarian Meat Cookbook

CVA Member Karen Borch’s new book features 70 original plant-based meat recipes with full color images. She notes that going vegetarian is growing exponentially. However, a problem is that many carnivores who want to make the change have difficulty finding substitute “meats” that taste really good.

This book identifies which products are the most delicious, along with extensive retail sources and online outlets in North America and Europe, none of whom have paid her to promote them. The book also includes research, videos, and statistics from dieticians, scientists, food experts, entrepreneurs, celebrities, philosophers, and climatologists. Going vegan is all about benefits, not deprivation. You can enjoy fabulous taste and vastly improved health and longevity.

The book can be purchased as a PDF file for $9.99 for use on a laptop, I-pad, or smart phone. It is available at www.veggiemeatrecipes.com or on Instagram at kaikenborch.

Karen Borch, Author of Farewell with Love
Albuquerque, New Mexico

3. All-Creatures.Org Ministry

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