Weekly Newsletter from Christian Vegetarian Association CVA - January 3, 2018
From Christian Vegetarian Association (CVA)

  1. Upcoming Activist Opportunities
  2. Original Sin, part 21
  3. This Week’s Sermon from Rev. Frank and Mary Hoffman

1. Upcoming Activist Opportunities

Leafleting and tabling are effective, enjoyable ways to show our brothers and sisters in Christ that a plant-based diet is good for God’s Creation. When you volunteer for the CVA, the CVA donates $20/hr. to the veg. or animal protection group of your choice. In particular, the Winter Jam events are outstanding leafleting opportunities, with large, young, receptive audiences. Contact Lorena at lorenavalenziveg@gmail.com if you can help.

01/06/2018 KY, Louisville Winter Jam 2018

01/07/2018 MI, Grand Rapids Winter Jam 2018

01/12/2018 FL, Jacksonville Winter Jam 2018

01/13/2018 FL, Tampa Winter Jam 2018

01/18/2018 PA, Reading Winter Jam 2018

01/20/2018 OH, Columbus Winter Jam 2018

01/21/2018 NC, Charlotte Winter Jam 2018

01/25/2018 MO, Springfield Winter Jam 2018

01/26/2018 IA, Des Moines Winter Jam 2018

01/27/2018 MO, St. Louis Winter Jam 2018

01/28/2018 OK, Tulsa Winter Jam 2018

02/01/2018 AL, Mobile Winter Jam 2018

02/02/2018 TN, Nashville Winter Jam 2018

02/03/2018 GA, Atlanta Winter Jam 2018

02/08/2018 IN, Ft. Wayne Winter Jam 2018

02/09/2018 OH, Cleveland Winter Jam 2018

02/10/2018 IN, Indianapolis Winter Jam 2018

02/11/2018 MI, Detroit Winter Jam 2018

02/16/2018 PA, Pittsburgh Winter Jam 2018

02/17/2018 OH, Columbus Mercy Me and Tenth Avenue North LIVE

02/17/2018 OH, Cincinnati Winter Jam 2018

02/22/2018 TX, Corpus Christi Mercy Me and Tenth Avenue North LIVE

02/23/2018 TN, Knoxville Winter Jam 2018

02/24/2018 NC, Greensboro Winter Jam 2018

02/25/2018 TN, Chattanooga Winter Jam 2018

03/02/2018 GA, Atlanta Mercy Me and Tenth Avenue North LIVE

03/03/2018 TN, Memphis Winter Jam 2018

03/04/2018 TX, Houston Winter Jam 2018

03/04/2018 TN, Nashville Mercy Me and Tenth Avenue North

03/09/2018 KS, Wichita Winter Jam 2018

03/10/2018 LA, Bossier City Winter Jam 2018

03/10/2018 PA, Philadelphia Mercy Me and Tenth Avenue North

03/11/2018 MO, Kansas City Winter Jam 2018

03/17/2018 OK, Oklahoma City Winter Jam 2018

03/18/2018 TX, Ft. Worth Winter Jam 2018

03/23/2018 SC, Columbia Winter Jam 2018

03/24/2018 NC, Raleigh Winter Jam 2018

03/25/2018 SC, Greenville Winter Jam 2018

03/29/2018 IL, Chicago Winter Jam 2018

03/31/2018 KY, Lexington Winter Jam 2018

04/07/2018 MO, St. Charles Mercy Me and Tenth Avenue North

04/08/2018 MI, Grand Rapids Mercy Me and Tenth Avenue North

04/12/2018 IA, Des Moines Mercy Me and Tenth Avenue North

04/13/2018 MN, Minneapolis Mercy Me and Tenth Avenue North

04/21/2018 OK, Oklahoma City Mercy Me and Tenth Avenue North

2. Original Sin, part 21

 I have been discussing how rejection of scapegoating can be liberating. The later Hebrew prophets who opposed sacrificial violence (such as Hosea, Amos, and Isaiah) and Jesus exposed how blaming and victimizing vulnerable individuals was scandalous. They claimed that God wants us to be kind, compassionate, and merciful rather than to join with the scapegoating mob. The Judeo-Christian tradition has sensitized those in the West to the scandal of the scapegoating process, regardless of their religious beliefs.

For those in the West, this sensitivity makes it difficult for scapegoating to generate peace in our souls or in our communities. There is an inner voice that asks whether the victim(s) were actually guilty or whether they actually deserving of the harsh punishment they received. This voice will disquiet us as long as fear and our thirst for retribution and punishment guide our decisions rather than compassion. Choosing compassion does not preclude establishing consequences for antisocial behavior or for separating dangerous people from the rest of society. We can have a greater sense of confidence that our heart is in the place of compassion if we genuinely regret taking away another individual’s freedoms.

I will continue this discussion next week.

Stephen R. Kaufman, M.D.

3. This Week’s Sermon from Rev. Frank and Mary Hoffman

Jesus Born Within

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