Weekly Newsletter from Christian Vegetarian Association CVA - October 26, 2017
From Christian Vegetarian Association (CVA)

  1. Upcoming Activist Opportunities
  2. Original Sin, part 12
  3. This Week’s Sermon from Rev. Frank and Mary Hoffman

1. Upcoming Activist Opportunities

Leafleting and tabling are effective, enjoyable ways to show our brothers and sisters in Christ that a plant-based diet is good for God’s Creation. When you volunteer for the CVA, the CVA donates $20/hr. to the veg or animal protection group of your choice. Contact Lorena if you can help - lorenavalenziveg@gmail.com

10/26/2017 FL, Jacksonville Mercy Me, Life Tour
10/27/2017 GA, Columbus Casting Crowns
10/27/2017 WA, Spokane Needtobreathe
10/28/2017 WA, Seattle Needtobreathe
10/30/2017 OR, Portland Needtobreathe
11/01/2017 CA, San Francisco Needtobreathe
11/02/2017 MS, Biloxi Casting Crowns
11/02/2017 CA, Los Angeles Needtobreathe
11/2-4/2017 CA, Los Angeles Hillsong Conference
11/03/2017 CA, Anaheim Needtobreathe
11/03/2017 AR, Little Rock Casting Crowns
11/04/2017 FL, Tampa Chris Tomlin, Good Good Father Tour
11/08/2017 IN, Indianapolis Needtobreathe
11/09/2017 IL, Chicago Needtobreathe
11/09/2017 CA, Ontario Winter Jam
11/10/2017 AZ, Glendale Winter Jam
11/10/2017 NC, Charlotte Joyce Meyer Ministries Conference Tour
11/11/2017 MI, Grand Rapids Needtobreathe
11/11/2017 TN, Johnson City Chris Tomlin Good Good Father Tour
11/11/2017 NV, Las Vegas Winter Jam
11/16/2017 ID, Boise Winter Jam
11/17/2017 OR, Portland Winter Jam
11/18/2017 WA, Tacoma Winter Jam
11/18/2017 TN, Pigeon Forge Toby Mac – Hearts on Fire
11/19/2017 WA, Spokane Winter Jam
11/25/2017 AR, Little Rock Christmas Tour
11/26/2017 KS, Wichita Christmas Tour
11/28/2017 TX, San Antonio Christmas Tour
11/29/2017 LA, Baton Rouge Christmas Tour
11/30/2017 TX, Austin Casting Crowns
12/01/2017 MO, Springfield Newsboys
12/02/2017 DC, Washington Needtobreathe
12/02/2017 TX, Houston Casting Crowns
12/03/2017 AR, Little Rock Newsboys
12/03/2017 TX, Dallas Casting Crowns
12/03/2017 CO, Denver Christmas Tour
12/03/2017 MA, Boston Needtobreathe
12/05/2017 TN, Nashville Casting Crowns
12/05/2017 NY, NYC Needtobreathe
12/08/2017 IL, Chicago Christmas Tour
12/08/2017 MO, St. Louis Casting Crowns
12/09/2017 IL, Chicago Needtobreathe
12/09/2017 MN, Minneapolis Casting Crowns
12/10/2017 IN, Indianapolis Christmas Tour
12/14/2017 NY, NYC Chris Tomlin
12/14/2017 NC, Greensboro Casting Crowns
12/15/2017 PA, Pittsburgh Casting Crowns
12/16/2017 PA, Philadelphia Christmas Tour
12/16/2017 KY, Louisville Casting Crowns
12/17/2017 GA, Atlanta Casting Crowns
12/17/2017 NY, New York Christmas Tour
12/28-31/17 TN, Gatlinburg Xtreme Winter


10/28/2017 FL, Orlando Central Florida VegFest
11/04/2017 FL, Tampa Bay Tampa Bay Vegfest
11/11/2017 GA, Atlanta Atlanta Veg Fest

2. Original Sin, part 12

Last week, I asserted that Jesus’ life, teachings, and death offer a path toward salvation, and by salvation I meant easing the spiritual burdens of being human in a universe awash with suffering and appearing devoid of meaning.

The Scriptures describe Jesus at peace with himself and the rest of creation. The source of his equanimity seems to have resided in his role as a healer in service to God. He saw everyone as children of God, and he attended to people’s spiritual and physical needs, including outcasts such as those who were widowed or crippled.

Many people feel uneasy about their lives. One reason, I suspect, is that people tend to seek wealth, status, or fame. Such goals can never be fully satisfied, because it would always be theoretically possible for us to have more wealth, status, or fame. On the other hand, if we seek to serve God, then good and faithful service will constitute “success.” In other words, if we have faith that such service makes our lives meaningful and valuable, we don’t need to compulsively seek more and more wealth, status, fame, or whatever else popular culture might define as “success.”

For me, this points toward the essence of faith. It is not believing in things for which there is no good evidence or even contradictory evidence. It is a conviction that what we do in service to others matters in a cosmic sense. While the workings of the cosmos don’t point to any obvious purpose or meaning, this faith helps makes sense of perhaps the greatest mystery – what are we doing here? Perhaps we are meant to make the world a better place. By serving others, we can have faith that we serve the Creator, even if we remain very ignorant of the Creator’s being and nature.

Stephen R. Kaufman, M.D.

3. This Week’s Sermon from Rev. Frank and Mary Hoffman

Holy Spirit Opposes Unholy Spirit

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