Weekly Newsletter from Christian Vegetarian Association CVA - August 24, 2017
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1. Activist Feedback
2. This Week’s Sermon from Rev. Frank and Mary Hoffman

1. Activist Feedback

Grace, who recently leafleted at the Outcry Tour concert in Seattle, writes:

It was incredible.I wish I could do this every day until every animal is free.

I was alone this time and it was just perfect for a not-so-huge event like this one because they have one big entrance so people were arriving from pretty much the same direction.There were a lot of high schoolers and college-age young adults as well as middle-age and older adults who came to enjoy the Godly concert.

As usual, I got many thanks from concert goers and positive feedback.When I see a group of young people (like 7 or more), I quickly approach them with smile and say thanks for coming, enjoy the concert, then "Bam" the leaflets, but there's always ONE individual in that group who will say no thanks without even looking what this leaflet is about. This person then later realizes that all of his or her friends got the leaflets and eventually comes back to me and ask for one (talk about peer pressure, lol). I see this type of behavior all the time...

The weather was very nice too. We don't get much sun in Seattle as you know.

A parking lot attendance guy ran toward me towards the end around 6:40pmto ask for a leaflet and then he ran back to his work area. Watching him reading CVA leaflet really made my day.He later gave a shout out to me as I was leaving the area, and he said, “God bless you!”

It has been an incredibly rewarding experience to work with CVA.Leafleting is getting easier and easier as we are putting the right information in the right hands like this one: sending a true Christian message to Christians who are accustomed to animal products/exploitation.

Two guys showed up with "repent your sin" signs got some confrontation from concert goers, i feel kinda sad. why can't we all get along as a Christian and love all beings including animals.

By the way, I checked the field to see any booklets were thrown out after I was done, and I only found 3 leaflets on the ground which is not bad at all.They were in good shape so I gave those 3 to incoming people.

Many concert goers came early and I felt so happy watching them reading CVA leaflets attentively while waiting in line.

Upcoming Activist Opportunities

09/02/2017 GA, Marietta Mercy Me – Celebrate Freedom / Jim R. Miller Park
09/08/2017 FL, Orlando Chris Tomlin, Rock the Universe
09/09/2017 TX, Houston Sisters, Celebrating the Art of Friendship (Women of Faith)
09/16/2017 TN, Memphis Needtobreathe
09/15/2017 CA, Fresno Sisters, Celebrating the Art of friendship (Women of Faith)
09/17/2017 CO, Fort Collins Sisters, Celebrating the Art of friendship (Women of Faith)
09/21/2017 MO, St. Louis Love Life Women’s Conference
10/03/2017 VA, Richmond Needtobreathe
10/05/2017 DC, Washington Needtobreathe
10/06/2017 OH, Columbus Needtobreathe
10/07/2017 PA, Reading Mercy Me, Life Tour
10/07/2017 TX, San Antonio Disciple
10/08/2017 OH, Cleveland Mercy Me, Life Tour
10/09/2017 NC, Raleigh Needtobreathe
10/10/2017 AL, Birmingham Needtobreathe
10/13/2017 IN, Indianapolis Joyce Meyer Ministries Conference Tour
10/14/2017 IL, Peoria Mercy Me, Life Tour
10/15/2017 GA, Atlanta Needtobreathe
10/16/2017 TN, Nashville Needtobreathe
10/19/2017 PA, Reading Chris Tomlin, Good Good Father Tour
10/20/2017 MO, Kansas City Needtobreathe
10/21/2017 MO, Saint Louis Needtobreathe
10/26/2017 FL, Jacksonville Mercy Me, Life Tour
10/27/2017 WA, Spokane Needtobreathe
10/28/2017 WA, Seattle Needtobreathe
10/30/2017 OR, Portland Needtobreathe
11/01/2017 CA, San Francisco Needtobreathe
11/02/2017 CA, Los Angeles Needtobreathe
11/2-7/2017 CA, Los Angeles Hillsong Conference
11/03/2017 CA, Anaheim Needtobreathe
11/04/2017 FL, Tampa Chris Tomlin, Good Good Father Tour
11/08/2017 IN, Indianapolis Needtobreathe
11/09/2017 IL, Chicago Needtobreathe
11/10/2017 NC, Charlotte Joyce Meyer Ministries Conference Tour
11/11/2017 MI, Grand Rapids Needtobreathe
11/25/2017 AR, Little Rock Christmas Tour
11/26/2017 KS, Wichita Christmas Tour
11/28/2017 TX, San Antonio Christmas Tour
11/29/2017 LA, Baton Rouge Christmas Tour
12/02/2017 DC, Washington Needtobreathe
12/03/2017 CO, Denver Christmas Tour
12/03/2017 MA, Boston Needtobreathe
12/05/2017 NY, NYC Needtobreathe
12/08/2017 IL, Chicago Christmas Tour
12/09/2017 IL, Chicago Needtobreathe
12/10/2017 IN, Indianapolis Christmas Tour
12/16/2017 PA, Philadelphia Christmas Tour
12/17/2017 NY, New York Christmas Tour


09/02/2017 DC, Washington DC Vegfest
09/23/2017 IL, Chicago Chicago Vegan Mania
10/01/2017 CA, San Francisco World Veg Festival Weekend
10/14/2017 OR, Portland Portland VegFest
10/28/2017 FL, Orlando Central Florida VegFest
11/04/2017 FL, Tampa Bay Tampa Bay Vegfest
11/11/2017 GA, Atlanta Atlanta Veg Fest

Many people find leafleting rewarding and fun. And, when you volunteer for the CVA, the CVA donates $20/hr. to the veg. or animal protection group of your choice. Contact Lorena at lorenavalenziveg@gmail.com if you can help.

2. This Week’s Sermon from Rev. Frank and Mary Hoffman

Choosing Evil, Rejecting Good

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