Weekly Newsletter - April 28, 2016
From Christian Vegetarian Association (CVA)

  1. Special Book Offer
  2. Activist Feedback
  3. On Evil, part 1
  4. This Week’s Sermon from Rev. Frank and Mary Hoffman

1. Special Book Offer

Many people have found my book Guided by the Faith of Christ: Seeking to Stop Violence and Scapegoating a refreshing look at how we can overcome the cycle of violence that has plagued humanity since the dawn of time. I think that Jesus’ teachings accord with modern scientific findings about the causes of human violence, and I argue that the “faith of Christ” offers hope for humanity. Those who are not satisfied with this recently released, revised book can return it for a full refund.

It can be purchased at Vegetarian Advocates Press.

2. Activist Feedback

Gracia Fay, who tabled with her husband Robert and others at EarthFair, writes:

As before, we had a good experience tabling at the San Diego EarthFair on the 17th. We had a good location by a major road, and nearly all persons who stopped by our table were positive.

Upcoming Outreach Opportunities


05/07/2015 OH, Cincinnati Third Day and Steven Curtis Chapman
05/13-15/16 KY, Louisville Women of Joy
06/12/2016 NY, NYC Stryper
06/14/2016 OH, Cleveland Stryper
6/16-18/16 GA, Locust Grove Atlanta Fest 2016
07/19/2016 FL, Miami Chris Tomlin Worship Night in America
07/23/2016 NY, NYC Chris Tomlin Worship Night in America
8/19-20/16 OH, Columbus Belong Tour 2016
08/20/2016 CA, San Francisco Matthew West
08/26/2016 AZ, Phoenix Matthew West
9/16-17/16 PA, Philadelphia Belong Tour 2016
09/18/2016 GA, Atlanta Matthew West
9/23-24-16 CO, Denver Belong Tour 2016 (Loveland, CO)
09/29/2016 MO, St. Louis Love Life 2016 Women’s Conference
09/30/2016 TX, Dallas Belong Tour 2016
09/30/2016 TX, San Antonio Women of Joy
09/30/2016 VA, Roanoke Extraordinary Women Ministries
10/01/2016 TX, Dallas Belong Tour 2016
10/7-8/2016 CA, San Jose Belong Tour 2016
10/14-15/16 FL, Florida Belong Tour 2016
10/21-22/16 MN, St. Paul Belong Tour 2016


06/4/2016 NY, Albany Vegfest 2016
06/11-12/16 NC, Asheville Asheville VeganFest 2016
06/18/2016 WI, Madison Mad City VeganFest
07/6-10/16 PA, Johnstown Vegetarian Summerfest 2016
07/23-24/16 CO, Denver VegFest Colorado 2016
07/23-24/16 IL, Lisle Veggie Fest 2016
09/24/2016 DC, Washington DC VegFest
10/02/2016 NJ, Morristown New Jersey VegFest
10/22-23/16 OR, Portland Portland VegFest
11/12/2016 GA, Atlanta Atlanta Vegfest 2016

3. On Evil, part 1

Last week’s quotation has encouraged me to reflect on the nature of evil, a topic that has prompted much thought and writing. I will first consider a theory of evil about which I disagree.

Many people regard evil as a force against the good, often identifying this force with a malevolent character known as Satan or the devil. I find this theory problematic for several reasons. First, I don’t’ see how this theory can be reconciled with a belief that there is only one creator God and that this God is fundamentally good.

Second, this theory does not accord with my experience. All of us have caused unnecessary harm to others, and all of us have wished harm on many more. All of us have angelic attributes and evil attributes. However, the theory that evil is the work of a fundamentally evil individual readily lends itself to scapegoating and victimization. This theory does not encourage people to identify evil in ourselves and in our communal institutions. Rather, the theory has often prompted people to claim that certain individual(s) are evil or are “possessed” by the devil. Sometimes, communities might first try to “exorcise” the evil, but if that is not seen as an option or if exorcism fails, communities have generally eradicated “evil” individuals by either banishment or killing.

I believe that there are “satanic” desires that lead nearly all people to cause varying degrees of harm to others, but I am very doubtful about the existence of Satan as a distinct individual. I will reflect further on this topic next week.

Stephen R. Kaufman, M.D.

4. This Week’s Sermon from Rev. Frank and Mary Hoffman

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