Weekly Newsletter - April 1, 2015
From Christian Vegetarian Association (CVA)

  1. Activist Feedback
  2. This Week’s Sermon from Rev. Frank and Mary Hoffman
  3. Article of Interest on Diet and Climate Change

1. Activist Feedback

Rick Hershey, who leafleted with David, Judy, and Chip at Winter Jam in North Little Rock last week, writes:

We handed out 3,900 CVA booklets at Winter Jam. A few attendees made their livelihood from animal agriculture, and they weren’t too happy with us handing out the booklets, but most of the attendees were receptive. One attendee asked if we were on the Genesis diet. When I asked him what that was, he replied it was the plant-based diet that people ate before the flood in Noah’s time. I said yes! As always, the vast majority of booklets went to kids, and lot of people said to us, “God bless you!”

Big thanks to David, Judy, and Chip!

Upcoming Activist Opportunities

04/11/2015 NC, Fayetteville Casting Crowns
04/16/2015 MO, Kansas City Third Day
04/17/2015 IL, Chicago Third Day
04/18/2015 PA, Pittsburgh Third Day
04/19/2015 OH, Toledo Third Day
04/23/2015 AL, Huntsville Casting Crowns
04/24/2015 IL, Peoria Casting Crowns
04/25/2015 IN, Anderson Casting Crowns
04/25/2015 NY, Albany Third Day
06/14/2015 CO, Morrison Third Day
06/27/2015 FL, Miami Xtreme Christian Music Conference
08/4//2015 TN, Nashville Casting Crowns
10/22-24/15 New Jersey Hillsong Conference


04/19/2015 MI, Novi VegFest
05/9-10/15 LA, New Orleans NOLA Veggie Fest
06/20-21/15 CO, Golden Vegfest Colorado
06/27/2015 WI, Madison Mad City Vegan Fest

Contact Lorena at lorenavalenziveg@gmail.com if you can help.

2. This Week’s Sermon from Rev. Frank and Mary Hoffman

Promise Fulfilled

3. Article of Interest on Diet and Climate Change

An interesting blog at www.chompingclimatechange.org argues that environmental and animal activists err strategically. They frequently cite the Food and Animal Organization of the United Nations report that attributed 18% of greenhouse gasses to “livestock.” The FAO report actually did not recommend reducing consumption of flesh and other animal products, but rather it encouraged greater intensification, i.e., factory farming. Further, the FAO has subsequently reduced its estimate of livestock’s contribution to 14.5%, and blog notes that FAO ties to industrialized agriculture concerns as likely compromising its analysis.

In addition to advising environmentalists to cite his unbiased analysis, which takes into account important factors overlooked by the FAO, the blog offers some good advocacy advice. Recent USDA recommendations to “reduce meat consumption” to help the environment essentially asks people to make “sacrifices” for animals, and such a mindset is unlikely to be effective. When people feel they are making a sacrifice, they tend to fixate on that object of desire, and cravings for that object of desire increase. Activists should accentuate the positive. We should talk about how “better alternatives” such as plant-based meat analogues taste great and are so much better for animals, our bodies, and the environment. Further, there are scores of delicious whole grains, legumes, and fruits from which to choose.

- Stephen R. Kaufman, MD

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