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CVA Weekly Newsletter
June 4, 2014

  1. Upcoming Activist Opportunities
  2. Essay: What Is Evil? part 1
  3. This Week’s Sermon from Rev. Frank and Mary Hoffman
  4. Tom Epler Essays

1. Upcoming Activist Opportunities

If you can help, contact Lorena at lorenavalenziveg@gmail.com. Volunteers can earn up to $18/hr for the veg. or animal protection group of their choice.

6/20-22/14 AZ, Prescott Valley Elevate Musical Festival
06/21/2014 CA, Irvine Jeremy Camp
06/21/2014 VA, Richmond Richmond Vegetarian Festival
06/22/2014 Canada, Ontario Tenth Avenue North
06/26/2014 VA, Doswell Newsboys
06/27-30/14 DC, Washington Taking Action for Animals
07/2-6/2014 PA, Johnstown Vegetarian Summerfest 2014
07/5-6/2014 CO, Golden VegFest Colorado
07/10-13/14 CA, Los Angeles Animal Rights National Conference
07/19/2014 TX, Houston VegFest Houston
08/02/2014 VA, Fairfax Matthew West
08/08/2014 PA, Lancaster Third Day
08/9-10/2014 IL, Naperville VeggieFest Chicago
08/15/2014 PA, Pittsburgh 3 Rivers of Hope – Tenth Avenue North
08/16/2014 VA, Fairfax Third Day
08/21-23/14 ON, Toronto CANADA, Joyce Meyer Conference 2014
08/22/2014 NC, Cary Third Day
08/23/2014 PA, Bethlehem Bethlehem VegFest
08/31/2014 GA, Atlanta Newboys
09/5-7/2014 Canada-Toronto Toronto Vegetarian Food Fair http://festival.veg.ca/
09/13/2014 CA, Anaheim Matthew West
09/20/2014 TX, Dallas Matthew West
09/25-27/14 MO, St. Louis Love Life 2014 Women’s Conference
09/27/2014 VA, Roanoke Jeremy Camp
09/27/2014 IN, Indianapolis Matthew West
09/27-28/14 OR, Portland Portland VegFest
10/05/2014 TX, Dallas MercyMe
10/11-12/14 CA, San Francisco World Veg Festival
10/18/2014 MN, Saint Paul Matthew West
10/25/2014 CO, Denver Matthew West
10/25/2014 OH, Lima Newboys
10/19/2014 TX, Dallas Texas Veggie Far
11/01-02/14 AZ, Tucson VegFest Tucson
11/08/2014 WA, Seattle David Crowder

2. Essay: What Is Evil? part 1

Before I attempt to describe the nature of evil, I would like to reflect first on what I think evil is not. I do not think evil is real. What I mean is that I do not think evil is real like a thing, such as a rock or a person. Nor do I think evil is a force, such as gravity or electromagnetism.

First, there is no evidence that evil is a physical object or a force of nature. You can’t perceive it, nor can you see it directly influence objects. One might posit that evil is a different kind real thing, but doing so would likely lead to the logically fallacy of circular reasoning. If evil isn’t a physical entity or a kind of energy, how can it be described? To describe evil in terms of evil is circular. To describe it in terms of it being the opposite of “the good” isn’t much more helpful, since good is only understood in terms of its not being evil. To say that a person has done an evil thing uses evil as an adjective rather than a noun, and adjectives are helpful for description but are not real in and of themselves.

There are theological difficulties in regarding evil as real. If we believe that God is the creator of the universe, and if we believe that evil is real, then we must attribute the existence of evil to God. And, if we regard God as the source of evil, then seeking to serve and follow God is fraught with difficult questions: Why should we follow a God who is responsible for evil? On what basis should we be confident that following God is serving good rather than evil?

Such conundrums encourage us to seek a different understanding of the nature of evil. In upcoming essays, I will endeavor to do so.

Stephen R. Kaufman, M.D.

3. This Week’s Sermon from Rev. Frank and Mary Hoffman

Ascension Sunday Celebrates Jesus’ Promises

4. Tom Epler Essays

Mr. Epler has three nice essays on Christianity and veganism at New Vegan Age Blogspot

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