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CVA Weekly Newsletter
November 14, 2012

  1. Activist Feedback
  2. Reflections on the Lectionary: Mark 13:1-8
  3. This Week’s Sermon from Rev. Frank and Mary Hoffman

1. Activist Feedback
Carol, who leafleted at a Joyce Meyer Conference in Houston last week, writes:
I leafleted 2 boxes and it was great. The people were nice and receptive ... I ran out of leaflets before I ran out of people! I highly recommend Joyce Meyers Conferences for our CVA leaflet distribution.
Upcoming Activist Opportunities
11/24         NC Greensboro      The Story Tour by Mathew West
11/26         FL Tampa           The Story Tour by Mathew West
11/29         MI Grand Rapids         The Story Tour By Matthew West.
11/29         MN Duluth               Kutless Christian Rock Concert
11/29         MO St. Charles          Bill Gaither Christmas Homecoming Tour
11/30         OH Columbus        Bill Gaither Christmas Homecoming Tour
11/30         MN St. Paul             Kutless Christian Rock Concert
11/30         TX Plano           Women of Faith Christmas!
12/1      MO Independence         The Story Tour by Mathew West
12/1      MN Brainerd             Kutless Christian Rock Concert
12/1      MI Jackson              Point Of Grace Christian Concert
12/2      MN Saint Paul      The Story Tour by Mathew West
12/3      SD Sioux Falls          The Story Tour by Mathew West
12/4      IL Hoffman Estates The Story Tour By Mathew West
12/6      TX Cypress              The Story Tour by Mathew West
12/7      TX Dallas               The Story Tour by Mathew West
12/8      TX San Antonio          The Story Tour By Matthew West
12/9      IN Wabash               New Song's Very Merry Christmas Tour
12/10         MI Port Huron      New Song's Very Merry Christmas Tour
12/11         MI Manitowoc       Newsong's Very Merry Christmas Tour
Contact Paris at christian_vegetarian@yahoo.com if you can help. To find out about all upcoming leafleting and tabling opportunities in your area, join the CVA Calendar Group at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/christian_vegetarian/.  

2. Reflections on the Lectionary: Mark 13:1-8
In this passage, Jesus predicts the destruction of the Temple as well as wars, earthquakes, and famines. He declares, “this is but the beginnings of the birthpangs.” Many scholars think that Mark was written after the revolt against Romans, and they suggest that these words attributed to Jesus about wars and the destruction of the Temple are not predictions but rather statements about history. There have been few times in human history when predictions about wars failed to materialize within a few generations. Are Jesus’ predictions actually statements of history or just safe guesses, or do they relate to Jesus’ ministry itself?
Jesus championed those who were outcasts – the widows, orphans, poor people, and disabled people who could be easily blamed as scapegoats during times of trouble. Scapegoating always involves violence or threats of violence, but in the short term it can alleviate violence because people believe (falsely) that they have eradicated or controlled the evil in their midst. They become united in their hatred for scapegoats, and their mutual feelings of relief after scapegoats are punished (often by death) reduces strife between each other. If Jesus could expose scapegoating as a lie, then there would be a risk of conflict before real peace might someday prevail.
How does scapegoating relate to earthquakes and famines? I offer two theories. These events were once attributed to human activities, and typically people sought scapegoat victims to blame for natural disasters. If there are no scapegoats, these events become more terrifying, because people have less sense of control. If the people cannot blame and kill scapegoats, the people feel vulnerable to further events.
A second theory is that Jesus was being rhetorical. He understood that societies engage in scapegoating in an effort to prevent both man-made and natural disasters. He wanted to warn people that ending scapegoating would not end disasters. Ultimately, however, his path would lead to the “kingdom of God” in which there would be peaceful coexistence.
Stephen R. Kaufman, M.D. 

3. This Week’s Sermon from Rev. Frank and Mary Hoffman
Working for Unconditional Compassion

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