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CVA Weekly Newsletter
April 4, 2012

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  1. Activist Feedback
  2. Comment on Last Week’s Essay
  3. Essay: The Faith of Paul
  4. This Week’s Sermon from Rev. Frank and Mary Hoffman

1. Activist Feedback

Queenie, who leafleted with Sean and Bryce at The Rock and Worship Road Show in Phoenix, AZ, writes:

The event was HUGE! Sean had gotten there by 5:30pm and the line was unbelievably long with people everywhere. One of the reasons it was such a great concert to leaflet was because you have to buy tickets at the door for only $10. Tons of people had to wait in line, and they were very receptive to receive a booklet (something to do). We saw people reading the booklets and passing them around to show their group. We also saw hardly anyone just wasting/throwing the booklets on the floor. Everyone was friendly!!

The take rate was also very high (much higher than the last teen concert we had gone to). We ran out of the box of CVA leaflets in a half hour. We passed out another 500 Vegan Outreach “Compassionate Choices” leaflets before the hour was over. The demographic ranged from group of teens, families, to older couples.

Upcoming Outreach Opportunities

4/12-14 CA San Diego Joyce Meyers Conference 2012
4/13-14 CA Sacramento Acquire the Fire Youth Conference
4/13-14 NJ Rutherford Acquire the Fire Youth Conference
4/14 OH Cincinnati Women of Faith "One Day" Conference
4/14 CO Loveland Women of Faith "One Day" Conference
4/14 OK Oklahoma City Women of Faith "One Day" Conference
4/15 IA Clear Lake Tenth Ave North Christian Rock Concert
4/20-21 FL Pensacola Extraordinary Women Conference
4/20-21 FL Tampa Acquire the Fire Christian Youth Conference
4/20-21 FL Tampa Acquire the Fire Youth Conference
4/21 NE Omaha Women of Faith "Dream On" For Teen Girls Conference
4/21 FL Tampa Tenth Ave North Christian Rock Concert
4/22 CA San Diego TABLE EarthWorks' EarthFair 2012
4/22 MO St. Louis TABLE Earth Day Festival
4/26-28 KY Louisville Joyce Meyers Conference 2012
4/27-28 AL Birmingham Extraordinary Women Conference
5/27 NY New York TABLE Veggie Pride Parade NYC 2012
4/27-28 MI Lansing Acquire The Fire Christian Youth Conference
4/27-28 MD Baltimore Acquire The Fire Christian Youth Conference
4/28 KY Paducah Toby Mac A Night of Stories & Songs
4/28-29 CT Hartford TABLE Connecticut Vegetarian & Healthy Living Festival
5/20 CA Van Nuys TABLE WorldFest 2012
6/23 VA Richmond TABLE Richmond Vegetarian Festival

2. Comment on Last Week’s Essay

I wouldn't think of leaving my church because of the majority of meat-eaters that also attend and worship with me.

We are the body of Christ (community) and therefore have MUCH in common with each other.

When our many organizations hold bake sales, etc to raise funds for the missions, youth groups, etc., I always make a terrific vegan cake. When I get requests for the recipe I print it out and depending on the individual I also include vegetarian booklets. They are never graphic and usually lean towards health issues.

People seem to be more receptive when they have tasted something vegetarian/vegan and loved it than all the preaching someone could do.

God bless and have a happy and Holy Easter!

Terry McKinley

3. Essay: The Faith of Paul

To my reading, Paul’s theology included a conviction that Christian faith hinges on a belief that Jesus was obedient to God’s will to become a sacrifice to atone for human sinfulness, which the Resurrection validated. Those who have faith in the Resurrection are no longer burdened by their sins, and they become into “new creations” whose lives and beliefs mirror the “mind of Christ.” What was the basis of Paul’s faith?

Paul had a transforming experience on the road to Damascus, where he saw and heard the risen Christ. Many people, particularly non-Christians, are skeptical or even doubtful about the validity of this experience. Some might wonder whether Paul had a psychotic episode. Whether or not Paul actually interacted with the risen Christ, as best I can tell the experience was very real for Paul, and it had a profound effect on him.

For Paul, faith was not difficult – as long as Paul believed that his experience was valid, it was perfectly reasonable for him to conclude that Jesus had indeed arisen from the dead. It logically followed from such a miraculous event that Paul should radically change his life from a persecutor of followers of Jesus to a follower of Jesus.

What about the rest of us, who have Paul’s report of his experience but who have not had such an experience ourselves? On what should we ground our faith? The faith of Paul was grounded in evidence, yet many people of faith today seem to regard faith and evidence-based conclusions (i.e., scientific approaches) as contrasting or even conflicting paths to truth. Many seem to disregard academic scholarship, which they evidently regard as a stumbling block to faith, indicating that they see faith and evidence-based truth-seeking as at odds. Next week, I will explore the faith of Christ, and then I will consider contemporary Christian faith. I will consider whether faith and science are partners or antagonists. I think this question has important implications for animal issues.

Stephen R. Kaufman, M.D.

4. This Week’s Sermon from Rev. Frank and Mary Hoffman

Palms, Praise, Fools, and Killing

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