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Update Newsletters
1 April 2010 Issue

1. Activist Feedback

2. Essay: Regarding Dogmas

3. This Week’s Sermon from Rev. Frank and Mary Hoffman

1. Activist Feedback

Darina, who leafleted at Third Day Winter Jam in Normal, IL, writes:

This was one of my most enjoyable leafleting experiences ever! It was a super nice, huge crowd (mostly youngsters) with no security issues and easy leafleting at this venue. As usual, I simply started offering booklets to the lined-up crowd (it's best to start at the front). At first, I was giving free vegan cookies with booklets but they ran out quickly. I also had sheets of farmed animal themed stickers and I offered some to younger kids in attendance. People LOVED the stickers and gladly took the literature. I missed parts of the crowd during runs to the car for more booklets however in 2 hours, I handed out all I had [610 booklets].

This terrific outreach was totally worth the rental car cost and hours of driving, even my initial fear from coming alone to an unfamiliar campus. I can't imagine another weekend activity that would have given me as much joy. I highly recommend everyone who feels a little "lazy" or nervous to hit an event like this - it feels like a million dollars afterwards.

Upcoming Leaf-letting Opportunities     

04/08 IA Council Bluffs Casting Crowns Christian Concert

04/08 VA Norfolk Tobymac & Skillet Christian Rock Concert

04/08 CA Long Beach Family Force 5

04/8 CA Long Beach Sidewalk Prophets Christian Rock Concert

04/09 WV Huntington Tobymac & Skillet Christian Rock Concert

04/09 IA Des Moines Casting Crowns Christian Concert

04/9 CA Ontario Sidewalk Prophets Christian Rock Concert

04/9-10 MT Billings Women of Faith Conference

04/10 SD Sioux Falls Casting Crowns & Tenth Ave North

04/10 VA Lynchburg Tobymac & Skillet Christian Rock Concert

04/10 OH Cincinnati Superchick Christian Rock Concert

04/10 WA Everett FireFlight Christian Rock Concert

04/10 AZ Phoenix Sidewalk Prophets Christian Rock Concert

04/11 NC Asheville Toby Mac and Skillet Christian Rock Concert

04/11 MN St. Paul Casting Crowns & Tenth Ave North Concert

04/11 FL Tampa TABLE The Talking Animals Festival

04/11 NV Las Vegas Sidewalk Prophets Christian Rock Concert

04/10 AZ Phoenix Family Force 5

04/13 NM Albuquerque Family Force 5

04/13 NM Albuquerque Sidewalk Prophets Christian Rock Concert

04/15 OK Oklahoma City Family Force 5

04/15 MO Forest Park TABLE St. Louis Earth Day Festival

04/15 OK Oklahoma City Sidewalk Prophets Christian Rock Concert

04/16 TX Dallas Family Force 5

04/16 TX Dallas Sidewalk Prophets Christian Rock Concert

04/16-18 MO Potosi Faithfest 2010

04/17 OK Tulsa Family Force 5

04/17 MA Worcester TABLE VegFest 2010

04/17 CA Richmond TABLE West Contra Costa Earth Day

04/17 OK Tulsa Sidewalk Prophets Christian Rock Concert

04/18 CA San Diego TABLE EarthWorks' EarthFair 2010

04/18 TX San Antonio Family Force 5

04/18 WA Colfax FireFlight Christian Rock Concert

04/18 NC Fayetteville Revive Christian Rock Concert

04/18 TX San Antonio Sidewalk Prophets Christian Rock Concert

04/22 OH Cleveland Catholic Charities Centennial Leadership Summit

04/22 IA Cedar Rapids Family Force 5

04/23 TX San Antonio Superchick Christian Rock Concert

04/23 IN Fort Wayne Family Force 5

04/23-24 NV Las Vegas Women of Faith - Imagine Conference

04/23-24 LA Shreveport Women of Faith - Over the Top Conference

04/23-24 NY New York EarthFair TABLE at Grand Central Terminal

04/24 FL Orlando TABLE Central Florida Earth Day!

04/24 OH Columbus Family Force 5

04/24 OR Portland Fireflight Christian Rock Concert

04/25 SC Columbia Family Force 5

04/25 OR Klamath Falls Fireflight Christian Rock Concert

04/30 WY Gillette Fireflight Christian Rock Concert

04/30-05/2 NC Asheville Ignite 2010 FREE Christian Rock Concert

05/1 NY Morrisonville Seventh Day Slumber Christian Rock Concert

05/1 MO St. Louis CeCe Winan's Christian Concert

05/1 CO Denver FireFlight Christian Rock Concert

05/4 MD Cumberland Seventh Day Slumber Christian Rock Concert

05/7 MS Summit Seven Day Slumber Christian Rock Concert

05/16 NY New York TABLE Veggie Pride Parade & Rally

05/16 CA Lake Balboa TABLE WorldFest 2010

06/19 VA Richmond TABLE Richmond Vegetarian Festival

06/19 NJ Newark 3rd Annual McDonald’s Gospelfest

International Events:

05/30 CAN Ontario TABLE Ottawa Veg Fest 2010          

Contact Paris at christian_vegetarian@yahoo.com  if you can to help. To find out about all upcoming leafleting and tabling opportunities in your area, join the CVA Calendar Group at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/christian_vegetarian/  

2. Essay: Regarding Dogmas

In response to last week’s essay, one member objected that the following sentence I wrote was not respectful of Christian denominations that rely on dogmas: “In my opinion, the most helpful community of faith, and perhaps the one that best reflects the faith of Christ, is one that does not try to heal by reciting dogmas.” I would like to comment on dogmas in general and how they apply to healing wounds in particular.

I think that many dogmas contain truths and insights that serve as foundations of Christian communities and orient religious practices. Christian dogmas, in general, are grounded in Scripture, and I respect those dogmas that deepen Christian faith and practice. However, I don’t respect those dogmas shouldn’t serve to endorse victimization. Sometimes, individuals or communities have used dogmas as weapons to silence those who seek justice. For example, the dogma of the divine right of kings held that the king was appointed by God to be God’s instrument on earth. Those who opposed any statement of action of the king were, in essence, opposing God and deserved severe punishment.

Fortunately, we now reject the divine right of kings, but a similarly venal dogma widely accepted today is that the reason God created animals was for people to use them as people please. I regard this dogma, grounded in Genesis 1:26, as poor scriptural analysis, in part because Genesis 1:29-30 prescribes a completely harmonious, vegan world, not today’s world in which humans regularly abuse animals for the most trivial of reasons.

Regarding the value of dogmas when it comes to healing, I think there are many times when reciting dogmas, however true they might be, don’t help heal those in great pain. For example, “It is God’s will,” or “We must believe that it is ultimately for the best” can, at times, salt wounds. Sometimes our most effective healing occurs when we offer to be present and, when prompted, affirm our faith that God cares.

Stephen R. Kaufman, M.D.

3. This Week’s Sermon from Rev. Frank and Mary Hoffman

His Triumphal Entry Continues
http://www.all-creatures.org/sermons97/s19mar89.html .

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