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29 September 2009 Issue

1. This Week’s Sermon from Rev. Frank and Mary Hoffman

2. Reflection on the Lectionary: Permission Does Not Equal Endorsement

3. Upcoming Activist Opportunities

4. Book Notice: Animal Free Recipe Book by Angel Selenie

1. This Week’s Sermon from Rev. Frank and Mary Hoffman

Analyzing Our True Attitude About Doing the Will of God

2. Reflection on the Lectionary: Permission Does Not Equal Endorsement

Mark 10:2-16

Oct. 4

After noting that Moses permitted divorce, Jesus instructed, “For your hardness of heart he [Moses] wrote you this commandment.” There are many things that the Bible permits but does not endorse. One might recall 1 Samuel 8, in which the people asked Samuel to give them a king. Samuel took this request to God, who told Samuel that the king would become a tyrant. Samuel told the people what he had learned, but the people nevertheless wanted a king, which God then granted.

Another illustration of God’s giving permission without endorsement is Genesis 9:3, in which God permits Noah to eat flesh. Previously, humanity had been vegetarian, but humanity had become so violent that God produced the Flood to allow for a fresh start. Noah too was flawed, and he cursed Ham who found Noah drunk and naked. Since God promised never to flood the earth again, there was no alternative but to allow a degree of violence – in this case against animals.

The Bible makes clear that the ideal is peaceful, harmonious coexistence among all God’s creatures, as described in Genesis 1:29-30 and Isaiah 11:6-9. God might permit humans to engage in violent behavior, but Christians should not regard this as an endorsement of human tyranny and abuse over nonhuman creation.

3. Upcoming Activist Opportunities  

10/2-3 MI Grand Rapids Hearts at Home Conference

10/2-3 AZ Phoenix Women of Faith Conference

10/3-4 CA San Francisco TABLE World Vegetarian Festival

10/3 MN St. Paul Honoring Billy Graham HUGE

10/3 KS Salina Creation Festival: The Tour

10/3 IN Evansville Jeremy Camp Speaking Louder Than Before Tour

10/4 KS Dodge City Creation Festival: The Tour

10/4 IN Anderson Jeremy Camp Speaking Louder Than Before Tour

10/4 TN Chucky The Hoppers Gospel Concert

11/6-7 MN Rochester Hearts at Home 2009 Great Lakes Conference

10/8 MD Frederick Creation Festival: The Tour

10/9 NC Marion The Hoppers Gospel Concert

10/9 SC Simpsonville Third Day Family Picnic

10/10 GA Alpharetta Jars Of Clay Christian Rock Concert

10/10 GA Gainsville The Hoppers Gospel Concert

10/11 FL Panama City Creation Festival: The Tour

10/16-18 CA Burbank Healthy Lifestyle Expo

10/16 NY Rochester Creation Festival: The Tour

10/16 CA Woodland Hills Healthy Lifestyle Expo

10/16-17 MN St. Paul Women of Faith Conference

10/17 OH Wooster The Hoppers Gospel Concert

10/18 PA Alum Bank The Hoppers Gospel Concert

10/19 MI Grand Rapids Creation Festival: The Tour

10/22 TN Sevierville The Hoppers Gospel Concert (this is a BBQ!)

10/23 AL Cullman The Hoppers Gospel Concert

10/24 FL Orlando TABLE Central Florida Veg Fest

10/24 MO Steelville The Hoppers Gospel Concert

10/24-25 AZ Scottsdale St.Francis Festival 2009 & Blessing of the Animals

10/29 CA San Bernardino Creation Festival: The Tour

10/31 MA Boston TABLE Annual Boston Vegetarian Food Festival

10/30-31 OK Oklahoma City Women of Faith Conference

10/31 AZ Phoenix Creation Festival: The Tour

11/6 IN Oakland City The Hoppers Gospel Concert

11/6-7 NC Greensboro Women of Faith Conference

11/7 FL Marianna The Hoppers Gospel Concert

11/7 MT Kalispell Creation Festival: The Tour

11/7-9 WI Milwaukee Call To Action 2008 National Conference

11/13-14 MN St Paul The Christian Community Fair   

Contact Paris at christian_vegetarian@yahoo.com  if you can to help. To find out about all upcoming leafleting and tabling opportunities in your area, join the CVA Calendar Group at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/christian_vegetarian/  

4. Book Notice

Animal Free Recipe Book by Angel Selenie, NZD $30 (equal to $21.30 US).

[This information is provided by the author.]

This book contains over 100 vegan recipes that are easy to follow. The meals are tasty and attractive (as shown by color pictures), and the ingredients are mostly whole foods that are accessible and affordable. To learn more or to order, visit www.vegan-recipes.info.

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